One On One

Joshua has created a transformational program called One On One. This program is an intensive question and answer format designed to lead you step by step to a new level of awareness, consciousness, and performance. In this program you will ask Joshua four to five questions per week over a twenty-six week period. This allows you to delve much deeper into all areas of your life and radically alters your perspective so that your limiting beliefs can be altered. Once those limiting beliefs have been reduced, your life will automatically change for the better.

By forcing yourself to answer so many questions, you strip away the need to ask big questions and this allows you to dive deeper into the forces that affect your life on a daily basis. Imagine how this insight could radically alter the trajectory of your life. For more information regarding the One On One program click here.

If you would like to follow the real-life experiences of two people who have engaged the One on One program with Joshua, please click on either of the photos below.


Steve Questions 1 to 100

Steve Questions 101+


Kate Questions 1 to 100

Kate Questions 101+

Astrid Halvorsen

Astrid Questions 1 to 100

Astrid Questions 101+



Kyla Questions


Wendy Questions


Emma Questions



Isabelle Questions


Allyson Questions