Emma Question #91


Hi Joshua,

Well, I have reached the end of my 6 months in the one-on-one program! I know I have changed so much in myself these past few months. From not thinking I was good enough to now knowing that that's ridiculous and I am awesome! Understanding how the universe works better, trusting the universe and knowing that I can find my own answers from within.

My life has stayed pretty consistent throughout the 6 months, but I can sense massive change coming in the next few! I have taken the steps to put my house up for rent and will be officially moved out in a month. My boss called me today and informed me of a slight pay rise and then told me I may be getting sent to work on a new project interstate. And I'm having interesting developments in my love life with talking to my ex again (he ended up messaging me again, I was over-reacting lol).

I trust that I can always bring myself back into a good feeling place now, and I know that that is the most powerful place to be, and I am seeing evidence of it now! So thank you so much for going on this journey with me and helping me to grow so much.

I hope it will be OK for me to still ask a random burning question every now and again if they pop up!


Dear Emma,

We are filled with joy and are quite satisfied and fulfilled with our conversation and journey together. We see that your vibration has been raised substantially and you are now viewing your life from a much higher perspective. That was all you ever needed. It was there all the time, and you were able to tap into it by connecting with your inner self and with infinite intelligence. We are thrilled that you believe we were of assistance, but of course, you are self-contained and it was all you the whole time. You were led to ask questions and our answers were delivered from your desire to gain new insights and a broader perspective. In the process, you built a strong connection to source and this is the only guidance you will ever need from this point on.

We encourage you to develop that connection even further. We hope that you will journal and make your inner communication public to the world. Your writings will be of help to others who are viewing life from a similar perspective and they will gain a higher perspective just as you have. Of course, we are always here whenever you feel like chatting. It is our great pleasure to offer our perspective any time you wish. You are loved more than you could ever imagine by more than you could ever count. With the infinite depth of our love for you,

We are Joshua