Emma Question #9


Hi Joshua,

I have a fear that I have noticed in myself before and I have tried to soothe, but it has popped back up for me again after reading your last answer.

So I know everything is right and I can't make any mistakes and I am always expanding and moving towards desires. BUT, if I want to receive all that I want, I need to pay attention to my resistance and turn it around when it comes up. Well, I am scared that I am somehow going to stay resistant all my life. That I will try to soothe my resistance, but I will not fully figure it out and will keep on blocking desires coming to me.

I know that when people keep being resistant they eventually reach rock bottom which causes them to give up and let go, which then actually allows things to flow to them again. But I am scared that I will keep on being resistant even in this situation, and I will be so far removed from my inner being that the only thing left to rise in vibration is for me to die! I know that death is no big deal as we have infinite lifetimes to explore and receive what we want, but I want to get to experience my current desires in this life time!! It makes me sad to think of living this whole life continuously blocking myself from receiving what I want! I'm scared I'm going to keep on blocking my desires!

I think I need some sort of device. An idea or theory that lets me believe that no matter what, I will always sort out my resistance and I will receive my desires. If I could have something to truly make me believe that I will definitely sort out my resistance and become a match to all that I want in THIS lifetime, then I would be able to chill the fuck out and stop worrying about it! So do you have any ideas for me?


Dear Emma,

You are right. You will be resistant throughout your entire life. So will everyone. When you die, you will give up your resistance and everything you wanted in your life will come to you. So what? It doesn't matter. Let us explain.

Right now you are allowing of some things and resisting others. Some things flow to you very easily, but there are desires that you have not allowed to manifest due to resistance. That's fine. That's the way it works. That's why physical reality is interesting. If everything you wanted came to you in the moment you wanted it, physical reality would be no different than nonphysical. Therefore, you came for the resistance, so to speak. You came here to sift and sort and create preferences and birth desires. That's the purpose of physical reality. You came to butt your head against the wall of resistance and then figure a way around it. That is what gives life its meaning.

So now imagine that as a nonphysical being, you chose to come to physical reality to stir things up and create desires. Sure it's nice to manifest those desires in physical reality, but it's not necessary. You can manifest some of them.You can manifest a lot of them. But could you manifest all of them? Would you even want to? Probably not.

So then, what's the point? The point is to ease your resistance and see what unfolds. Face your fears and alter your beliefs and raise your vibration and see what comes. Do you need to be completely nonresistant to manifest your desires? No, of course not. All you need to do is ease your resistance so that your desire is stronger than your resistance and push through any fear.

Seriously, there's no need for you to do anything at all other than understand the nature and cause of resistance. It's all based in fear. The vast majority of your fears are irrational. You adopted most of your fears from others without any first-hand experience. Your only work is to move past your fears and take action whenever you are inspired to. This will eventually lead to the manifestation of your desires. You will never hit rock bottom and release your resistance because you already know too much now. You know what resistance is. Most people do not. You know that when you're feeling negative emotion, you are simply in a state of resistance. You know that when you feel bad, you are just choosing a limited perspective.

Soothing yourself out of resistance is all you ever need to do. Realizing that you are in a resistant state when you believe that something or someone is wrong, is the way to ease resistance. When you feel negative emotion and laugh at yourself, you've just erased resistance.

You have reached a vibrational level high enough to have a conversation with us. That is extremely rare indeed. Once you have reached this level, resistance will never be what it was. You have already overcome so much resistance and now all you have to do is open your beliefs and allow them to be modified so that you can expand into the version of you that is ready for the next desire to magically appear. There is no rush. Everything is coming to you at exactly the right time if you choose to ease your resistance and allow it to come.

With Love,