Emma Question #89


Hi Joshua,

In your last answer you said I fear acceptance and adoration. Just wondering if you could expand on this?


Dear Emma,

You fear rejection, and certainly that one is easy to see. All people fear rejection at some level because it appears to adversely reflect on their persona. Of course, the persona is not real, therefore rejection is not real either. As a limitless being of pure positive love, you cannot be rejected. You can become attached to an outcome you think you want, but that is simply an illusion. The outcome you eventually receive will be the outcome you truly want, therefore attachments to any other outcomes are simply a lack of faith that the universe will bring you what you truly want when you are vibrationally ready for it.

On the other side of that is your fear of being adored. Since you are the most wonderful person in the world, you should be comfortable with the idea of others adoring you, yet you are not. You believe that who adores you is what matters, but that is not true. You are a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance and as such a being you understand that there will be those who adore you and this is the most natural thing in the world. You are worthy of being adored and you accept that all those who love you see you as who you really are. If you saw all others as who they really are and if you accepted them as who they were being (with their fears and limiting beliefs), then you would adore all others as well. So then, it's all about your perception of who adores you and if you are worthy of their adoration of if they are worthy of yours. Since the answer to this question is always a resounding yes, then any fear you might have is irrational.

Let's talk about your energy. All humans put forth the same energy because all humans are equal. We're not talking about physical energy, which can be noticeably higher or lower than your own, we're talking about the energy that radiates from their inner self. It is the pure energy of limitless love and acceptance. It's their true energy field and all humans possess the same level of energy at that state because all are equal and all are one. However, your habit of judgment (based in fear) causes you to adopt dominant or subordinate positions relative to each other and you either take another's energy though domination or you give your energy away by adopting the subordinate position.

Let's say you have a conversation with your boss. You are both equal, as are all humans, but you might feel that he should have the dominant position because of his role as your boss. If you feel this way, then you give up your energy to him and you remove yourself from access to higher level thoughts and ideas that resonate with your true level of energy. You do not do yourself or him any service, because you have lost connection (temporarily) to higher vibrational ideas. He may inadvertently take the dominant role as well, not understanding that this is not beneficial to him either. The most beneficial position is that of two equals coming together in a co-creative environment with the intention to build on the energies they posses and access the highest vibrational thoughts and ideas. When two people act as equals, they stabilize their vibrations and magical things will manifest as a result.

When one person dominates, the vibrations move out of balance and universal energies are not engaged. If you have ever had a conversation with a good friend and you built up the energy as equals, giving and taking and building the energy even higher, you can see that the result was a wonderful exchange of ideas, fun, and laughter. When you interact with a guy, you either take the dominant or subordinate role depending on how you judge him. When you do this, the balance of energy is off and you cannot build on it. It is only when you see yourself as an equal that you can allow the energy to build.

You can do this with all people when you drop your initial judgment of them. Initially all people will judge you, but if you can remain stable and project an equal energy, then their energy will either stabilize or not. You'll feel it if it does and also if it doesn't. If you give it a little time, most people will become easy with you since you are neither trying to take or give away your own energy. You are remaining firm and stable in an environment where fear has the potential to disrupt the energy. The best way to stabilize your energy is to go into any interaction from a place of open and honest curiosity. Be curious and see if you can notice if the other person wants to take the dominant or subordinate role. You hold firm and notice the tactics they use to either take your energy or give away theirs.

With practice and acceptance, you can take this new perspective and notice what is really happening when two people (or a group of people) interact with each other. You cannot create in the other person's reality and so there is no way you can make them be equal. All you can do is stabilize and maintain your own energy and see if they come around or not. This takes a great deal of practice, but if you can master it, you will never worry again about rejection or adoration, because these are simply the giving or taking of anther person's energy.

With our love,
We are Joshua