Emma Question #88


Hi Joshua,

Ok, I can totally see how I manifested this situation to show me how wacky my energy gets and to practise turning this around. I see now that any time I have been rejected in the past it has been to do with my own weird energy and there has never actually been anything wrong with me. If he doesn't follow through with the drinks, that's actually a pretty weird thing to happen and it's just caused by my weird energy. I'm relaxing a bit now knowing that this is just another learning step for me to get my energy sorted and that if I do catch up with him or I don't, it will be the right thing either way.

I can see that I start thinking into the future, I realise what I am visualising feels really good, so I get attached to the outcome because I want to feel that way, and I get scared of being disappointed and not getting to feel that way. How can I stop doing this?


Dear Emma,

When you understand that everything is working out for you, and that from your limited perspective, you cannot know how it's going to unfold, you can relax and have faith that all you need to do it maintain your alignment with your inner self. You can give up control. You can release your attachment to any specific outcome. You can maintain the idea of the feeling you want, just realize it's not for you to attain it on your own. Leverage the forces of the universe by maintaining your vibration and enter a state of allowing. Let it flow to you, don't try to make it happen all on your own.

The universe is always bringing you what you want and what you need. If you will simply focus on maintaining a stable vibration, it will all arrive very quickly. Right now your vibration is unstable. You fear rejection. You fear acceptance and adoration. With these kinds of fears present in your vibration, you automatically resist everything from coming to you. You never give anything a chance because you think you should know how it looks. When it doesn't look right, you throw a monkey wrench into your vibration. When you fear it's not going to come, the wobble gets bigger. There's nothing wrong with you, it's just that you have not learned to maintain a stable vibration.

Here's how we would do it: we would see that everything is right. We would understand our own worthiness and realize that it's out birthright to receive all that we want in the most perfect form imaginable. We would have faith that the universe knows what we want and we would get out of its way by releasing control or any attachment to a specific outcome. We would go general. We would accept that whatever comes to us is for us, and we would not allow anything to cause a downward shift in our vibration. We would focus on all that is good in our life now and we would keep a journal and fill it with daily reminders of things we appreciate.

We would set our daily intentions to experience joy, to maintain our focus on what is good, and to stabilize our vibration. When we felt fear, we would realize we were out of alignment and we would analyze the fear and prove it's irrational and false. We would reach for the higher perspective. We would release our desire to make things happen. We would know the difference between what we think we want and what we truly want. We would strive to be authentic and to accept others as they are without asking them to be different than they are. We would understand that we have already birthed strong desires and that it is not helpful to notice that our desires have not yet manifested. We would have confidence that everything is coming to us and by practicing our alignment, we enter into the state of allowing.

You have a desire to control your life and this is due to your analytical approach to life. There is nothing wrong with that, It's just not an effective approach. You have beaten up on yourself for not achieving what you think you want and this has led you to us. Now you are entering a new phase of your life and soon you will adopt an approach of allowing. You will still habitually attempt to control your own life yourself, but you will be reminded of this through little manifestation events and you will remember to drop your need to control things. Just practice being authentic, for if you can do this, you can maintain your vibration no matter what appears to be going on in your outer world. Go inside. Seek the intelligence and calm that comes from within. Be easy and everything will unfold as if by magic.

You've spent your whole life trying to make things happen, and this has seemed to work in many areas. Now we ask you to let things happen and see the true power of the universe in action.

With our love,
We are Joshua