Emma Question #87


Hi Joshua,

Ok so now I've reached the place of being excited for this drink date. But I am now worrying - when is it going to happen? We never actually made the plans, he just said when he's back down here for work (which is now). The last thing he said was that he looks forward to it. So it's irrational of me to worry he'll just forget or never make the plans, but that is where my mind is going now. I want him to message me and make the plans, and I'm worried that he won't, I'm scared of being disappointed. I guess I am attaching to an outcome now!!


Dear Emma,

We were waiting for this question. This is so much fun for us. We can see your mind going a million miles a minute and stepping out way ahead. Doesn't that feel like you're a bit out of control. That's okay, because pretty soon you're going to finally give up your control and simply go with the flow.

Step one - send him a message. Step one - he messages you back and you have a little conversation. Next step - that hasn't come yet so place your attention elsewhere. When it comes, you'll be on that step. Until it comes, follow some other interest and leave this one alone.

Here's the deal. You receive inspiration to act and so you act. Whatever comes of it is for your highest good. Maybe this is it. Maybe that was all there was to it. The purpose of it was to take the step and receive the information. What was the information? It was all about how you normally jump too many steps ahead. You asked us questions and together we identified that you are at a new level of consciousness and awareness and even so, you still jump way ahead and this causes fear, just as you are doing now. When you feel fear, you lose your focus. Two weeks ago, this guy wasn't even in your thoughts and now he's all you're thinking about. How about gaining a little control over those thoughts and start thinking in a more empowering way?

Let's say nothing comes of this, then what? Then you have a better perspective on how you act when something gets your attention. You jump ahead, this causes fear, and you fall out of alignment. When you are out of alignment, your vibration drops and you lose connection to higher level thoughts and ideas. Then you start attracting thoughts that don't feel good and this brings up more fear and you spiral downwards. This change in your vibration is felt by those who you are interested in and they do not receive the inspiration to connect with you because you are no longer a vibrational match. Your vibration has dipped and you drop out of their vibrational range (or they do the same thing and they drop out of your range). This is why people have difficulty connecting at the beginning of relationships.

Here's a better approach; you feel good, you receive inspiration, you push past the fears that will always arise, you take the action, and you go on about your life. If the action results in another step, you take that step if it feels interesting, exciting, or fun. If you are inspired, you can take the next step. If not, don't take it. You lose your attachment from any specific outcome and you have faith that everything is coming to you. You act with confidence and since you are not attached to the outcome, you don't worry about disappointment. This allows you to feel good and maintain your alignment. This creates a stable vibration and as long as the other person's vibration is stable, you will both go to the next level. If he can't maintain a stable vibration, then you don't want him anyway. If you can't maintain a stable vibration at the beginning, especially with a guy you already know, how will you maintain a stable vibration with someone new?

With our love,
We are Joshua