Emma Question #85


Hi Joshua,

So I ended up sending the message and it went well! I think he really liked that I got in contact with him again and we had a good chat. It's nice to have confirmation that I can trust my inner guidance! But now he has asked to catch up for a drink and I said yes! So have no idea where all this is going or where I want it to go but once again I guess I'll just roll with it.


Dear Emma,

Step one: complete. Step two? No step two, just another step one. You will meet for a drink and catch up. That's all there is; nothing more. You will meet, drink, and talk. Do not look into the future. Do not worry where it leads. That's twenty steps ahead. Think only of this next step and when the step is completed, you will only think of the next step one.

Now you have something to think about before you go for the drink. Who will you be? Will you be the expanded and authentic version of Emma who now knows her power or will you once again give up your power and shrink back to who you used to be when you were with him? You have expanded. You are different now. Your inner gifts have been revealed to you. You are just beginning to glimpse the power that is contained within you. Are you going to express yourself though your power and connection to infinite intelligence and be who you authentically are, or are you going to choose to be an inauthentic and limited version of you because that's what you think he will like?

We have been talking more about authenticity lately as your questions and the questions of all the other One on One participants have brought forth this idea in a very pronounced and powerful way. When you are authentic, you express your power and maintain your alignment and connection to Source Energy. You are being who you really are without allowing others to take your power away from you. Your past insecurities need not play a role here. You can be who you have become and still be with him in the moment. You will have the fear of what he thinks of you creep into your thoughts, but push past that fear and be who you've become.

Be free of judgment of yourself, of him, of the conditions, and of all the other people. Be who you really are; a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. Be the most wonderful person in the world, for that is who you really are. Do not attach yourself to any outcome. Be authentic and release your attachment to an outcome. Be in the moment and the moment will lead you from there to where you truly want to be.

This event is happening for you. Whatever the outcome, it will be for your highest good. Relax in the moment and live it authentically. Be who you are, not who you think he wants. You cannot see where this is leading. You do not know what you truly want. You were inspired to contact him and now you are on another step. Do not assume you know where this step is leading. It might lead you into a manifestation event and you can be aware of that and be ready for it if it happens.

There are some limiting beliefs that are preventing you from becoming a match to what you desire and you have the opportunity to remove the intensity of those beliefs and embrace all of your empowering beliefs about yourself and your place in the world. Think not about who you were, but about who you are now and who you are becoming. He may not recognize you. He may not be a vibrational match to you. He may not have done the work to raise his own vibration. Or, he may surprise you. It will be interesting to find out if he has risen to your level of consciousness and awareness. If he has, that will be fine. If not, you must maintain your high vibration and not sink to anyone else's level.

With our joy for you, we wish you joy in this experience,