Emma Question #84


Hi Joshua,

Ok, now I am feeling the urge to message him. I feel like he probably thinks I disapprove of him, so would like to send a message so he knows I don't. My sister found an old photo of him and I from like 8 years ago and sent that to me a couple of months ago (coincidence? Probably not), I had totally forgot that pic existed. So now it is conveniently saved in my phone, so I was thinking of sending it to him and saying hey look what I found.

I'm worried about where this inspiration is coming from. Am I trying to get some sort of reaction out of him? Am I trying to get his approval? Is it coming from a place of neediness? My inner being says I am making a big deal out of it when it is nothing at all. She says messaging someone is totally normal and ok. That it is a beautiful gift I am giving him of love and acceptance and I shouldn't let fear stop me from giving that to him. That if I received the idea and it sounds fun to have a conversation with him then i should just roll with it and not worry about the outcome. That I am looking for someone to tell me it is the right thing to do when I am the only one who decides that with my own beliefs.

So I'm thinking about sending the message tonight, unless I chicken out!


Dear Emma,

The urge to contact him is inspiration to act. As with most inspired ideas, such as this, fear will naturally pop up. By being authentic and understanding your true motivation behind the action, you can realize that the fear is irrational and push through it. The result of the action may not be what you think. It may lead you into a manifestation event, or it may lead to the alteration of a limiting belief, or it could even lead to love. Whatever it leads to, it will be for your highest good. It will lead to the next step, whatever that may be.

re you motivated by curiosity? Are you motivated by fear or love? What is the motivation behind this urge, this inspiration, this new idea? You received the photo of him and you received the inspiration. Are you excited, interested, or curious? You've received messages from your inner self and you have made a change in your vibration. Your perspective of yourself has been elevated and this has caused your persona to change as well. From your new perspective and your new overall sense of confidence, how could contacting him be wrong in any way? It's simply because you are continuing your habit of attaching importance to some specific outcome. You care what he thinks about you.

All you have to do now is drop your attachment to the outcome and realize that this is the next step in front of you. Take this step and then see what happens before you think about the next step. Step one - send him a message. Step two - there is no step two, there is only the next step one. See what happens. He will either text you back or not. If he does, you will receive another inspired thought and you will know what to do when that event occurs. If he does not text you back, well there's the problem. What do you do then?

You are attached to his response to you. If he texts you back, then that opens up a range of possibilities, some of which are exciting. If he does not text you back, you're worried about experiencing negative emotion. So let's pre-pave this situation so that you can feel good no matter what happens. This is the work.

If he texts you back, then you can take the next step from there. That's no big deal. That scenario is easy to deal with. However, if he doesn't text you back, or if there's some reason that he might not want to talk, well then you might encounter negative emotion. Think about why that is. If he ignores you, you might conclude that he does not like you enough to give you a response and the excitement of what could happen will be lost.

You might make up a story and this will affect your persona. You believe you are good and worthy of love, but if he doesn't respond, then that means you are not worthy of his love. That's a limited perspective derived from a false fear. You are worthy of love. If he doesn't text you it could mean all sorts of things. Remember, his perspective is completely different than yours. He will have fears of his own. He might be involved in another relationship and be unable to text back. Or worse, he might text back and be eager to renew a relationship with you.

These are all stories you are making up without access to information and this is what prevents you from taking action. Just send the text, take the first step, take the step you're inspired to take, and go from there. If it leads you into a manifestation event, you can uncover a limiting belief and prove to yourself that it is false. That's the worse thing that could happen other than you thinking too many steps ahead. Trust in the universe to bring you all that you want and the timing will be perfect. This is how the system works. You receive inspiration, fear presents itself, you realize the fear is irrational, you pre-pave the road ahead, you think only of the step that's right in front of you, and you take the action you are inspired to take without becoming attached to any specific outcome. The only outcome that you need to be attached to is the truth that this step will be for your highest good and lead to the next step one.

With our love,
We are Joshua