Emma Question #82


Hi Joshua,

I think my persona is definitely changing. These last couple of days I have felt really good and have just been beaming love at everyone at work. I am starting to chat to people at work more, now that I am not as worried about how I will be perceived. I am giving love to people and not worrying if it will be taken well or rejected because I know that they are all beings of love too and any rejection is just fear.

I know big life changes are coming for me, even in just the fact that I am going to be moving to the city. Im very excited for that! As for other desires, I'd really like to be a life coach one day. I know the value of it, and helping others makes me feel really good. When I give someone advice and they say thank you that was exactly what I needed to hear, it makes me feel so good! I guess I'm just interested to see what comes next, and then see what my desires are from that point.

I do trust now that I can find all the answers within myself if I just sit down and take the time to journal, so that feels good!

I enjoy being in this good-feeling place. Although, there is a little voice in my head that says ok is this good feeling place going to start manifesting things for you soon? When are we going to see the evidence? So I worry that that might be a bit counterproductive.


Dear Emma,

You are becoming who you really are. You are moving from fear to love and straight into your power. You are coming to understand who Emma really is and how the authentic version of her is here to do so much more than you previously thought. You are an uplifter and a teacher and the idea of a life coach fits perfectly with the intentions you set prior to your birth.

When you give advice and rely on the other person to appreciate it, you step out of your power. You do not require the outcome to be anything other than whatever it is. If you are inspired to relay a message to Astrid or anyone else, you do so from the authentic inspiration itself, not for the affirmation that might come as a result. Detach yourself from the outcome and while it might be nice to experience appreciation, do not make that a requirement. Leave the people to their impression of the message and let them make of it what they will. Almost all will appreciate your message, because it comes from a place of pure love, however, if you concern yourself with their interpretation or belief in the message, you'll find yourself editing the message to make sure the person is happy with it. And while at times this will be necessary in certain specific cases, overall, the message will be what the person needs to hear in the moment. If you can release your attachment to any specific outcome, you will free yourself to offer what you receive as purely as it is given.

Again, this will all be a reflection of your persona. As Gary translates our message, he is not personally attached to it because in his mind it comes from another source separate from him. While this style works for him, it is not necessary for you unless that's what you choose. You can simply be intuitive. You can simply be Emma in full love and authenticity. However, you must remember above all that you are self-contained and this ability was something you intended to explore at a young age, prior to your birth. You need no degree. You need no experience. You need nothing other than to do what you are doing now. Nothing about you needs to change. It can all begin organically in whatever style you personally enjoy.

Gary started by writing a book. He was inspired. He could not help himself. It wasn't until months later did he start speaking as well as writing. He thought that he might channel us directly through speaking, but did not know how to start. We introduced him to Jewels and she convinced him through the power of suggestion to start speaking. However, it would never have made a difference. Either way would work well. He is just very comfortable in front of a crowd and he can see that his life experience of public speaking made this quite easy for him.

If you think too far down the road to what could be, you will face fear because your vibration is not there yet. The fear will cause you to doubt your natural abilities. When this happens, you will not enjoy the process as much because you will be overly concerned about the accuracy of the information that you are presenting. If you attach this to your persona, you will face even more fear. Allow it to flow when you're inspired and send it off to wherever it goes without thinking about it or worrying about the outcome. Other people will perceive the information only as far as they are vibrationally ready for it. After you send it, it no longer belongs to you.

Your little voice worrying about the change in your reality is a remnant of your old approach to life. Soon you will notice the change. The first change is always in how you feel. Then day by day, things will start to pop into your reality. You will feel better and better. You will become more and more authentically you. You will feel and express your love more, just as you are doing now. You will receive feelings of love more and more, just as you are doing now. Everything will unfold magically, but that timetable is up to you and the universe to work out. Be patient. You have already undergone the greatest shift in your life. Get ready for more, because things are going to take off from here!

With our love for you,
We are Joshua