Emma Question #81


Hi Joshua,

I guess with the channeling thing, i fell like I have a bit of "Imposter syndrome". I worry that the stuff I write is just re-wording other things I have read, so basically plagiarism. And for the bits I haven't really heard before, I worry that I am just making up something that sounds good in theory, but may not actually be true at all!

My own self-confidence is definitely improving lately. I am doing a lot of visualizations, and stopping to analyze fear whenever I am feeling a bit insecure, and finding the higher perspective. I guess I can see now that I am the most wonderful person in the world, because this is my own reality, and we all come from one anyway. So that one must be the most wonderful person if it is the only one, therefore I am too! Haha.


Dear Emma,

No, we mean literally you. You specifically are the most wonderful person in the world. Just kidding. Sort of. You are the most wonderful person in the world, but so is everyone else. There are no levels. There is no judgment on our part. When we look at you, we do so with unconditional love for the perfection that is you in this moment. We see you as the limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance that you are. The only difference between who you really are and who you are being is a bit of fear. That's all. It's just fear. So when you start removing the limitations of fear, you become who you really are.

Your channeling is real and authentic and as you practice it more, you will see that it comes easily and it is unique. The message is the same because it's the same message, however, you have the ability to word it or translate it in a way that is highly appealing and fresh. The feeling that it's not original or authentic is just irrational fear. If it feels good to you and to others, then keep doing it because you can't imagine the impact it will have and already is having.

So, now that you have discovered more self-confidence and the awareness of your own worthiness and uniqueness, what will you do with that? Doesn't this change everything? Doesn't this change your persona? Doesn't this change your perception of reality? Doesn't this create new and more magnificent desires. What do you want now? Think about who you really are and what you now know. Think not about what you can do, or what you have been doing, but what you would like to do from this point forward. The opportunities are endless. Who is Emma now?

With our love,
We are Joshua
Who is Emma?