Emma Question #80


Hi Joshua,

As you suggested at the end of your last answer, I tried to channel my own answer about all of the negative stuff I have been seeing on TV and this is what I came up with: You are not a match to mass destruction personally in your reality. Your vibration is too high for that! There are people who are a match to that sort of thing, who chose to explore it, and that's ok. You did not. You are in a different reality. Can you imagine the lower vibration you would need to have to be a match to that? It's just not possible for you from where you are right now. Even the people in your life who do not know about law of attraction are not a match to it, their vibration is too high. And yours is even higher!

We know you are scared that thinking about this stuff and seeing it on TV might cause you to manifest it, but that's not possible. You are only a match to seeing something scary on TV that you don't even know is actually real and feeling a bit of anxiety about it. That's about as low as your vibe gets on that subject. If you were to become a match to that sort of thing, your vibration would have to be substantially lower. And that can't happen, because it is impossible for you to go backwards in vibration! Once you reach a vibrational level, there is no going back. Only upwards.

You have a vibrational range, and mass destruction is not a part of that range. So you don't need to worry. You will always be safe, and any place you feel inspired to travel to will also be safe. But that does not mean focussing on these negative things on TV does not have a negative effect on you - it does - but it will not result in manifesting the same thing for you that you are seeing on TV. It will manifest something that is within your vibrational range, at the lower end of your vibrational range. It would be a different manifestation, but something that makes you feel anxiety or like a victim. So you don't want to focus on this stuff and feel bad. Let it be what it is. It is ok for other people to experience that, it's for them; and it's not a part of your reality.

When you see this stuff, you can use it as a prompt to remember that you are the creator of your own reality. It is all just a reflection of your own vibration. You are never a victim and bad things just don't randomly happen. Everything is for you. And you are in control of your own point of focus, therefore your own point of attraction, therefore you are creating your own future. You predominantly manifest positive things in your life already, and with your recent effort to focus more on things that feel good, even better things are coming!

What do you think?

Dear Emma,

You cannot possibly read those words and see anything but truth and love in them. This is how you can recognize that it is indeed infinite intelligence coming from the love of the nonphysical. It is spot on in every word and you could not tell that it didn't come directly from us, other than it has your voice, which is easy for you and us to recognize. It is infinite intelligence coming through the wonderful and perfect being of light that is you and therefore it is unique to you. It is another extension of our message (the message) and is perfect because it comes through you and your perception of reality. It is pure authenticity.

The combination of Us and Gary is called Joshua, but it need not be. It could be just "Gary" if that was interesting to him. He enjoys the switch between Joshua and Gary, but that is not necessary for you. You can be the empowered and authentic version of light that you are and all of this is "Emma" just as it is "Kyla" and "Jennifer" and "Kimberly." It is you because it's coming through you and you are allowing it as it comes without worrying too much about it. It might seem strange now, but it is the most natural ability and you will feel better and better about it as it continues.

You have reached a high vibrational frequency and you cannot go back. Now what are you going to do? What do you want to do? How do you see yourself now? Is your old persona fading away? Are you seeing yourself in a more empowering way? Can you now glimpse the magnificence that is you? Do you see what we've been saying all along? You can't imagine the power you possess.

There is nothing you need to do. You need not change anything. Keep your focus on feeling good and allowing yourself to receive inspiration just like this. We are thrilled to interact with you at this time and to assist you by offer our perspective on your life and abilities as we see them. Now that you have accessed infinite intelligence internally, doesn't what we have to say resonate with you even more? Can you now believe us when we tell you that you are the most wonderful person in the world? Don't you feel a bit more wonderful in this moment?

With our love and excitement for you in your time of great awakening to your own power to create your reality as a conscious being of love,

We are Joshua