Emma Question #8


Hi Joshua,

I must say that your last answer stirred up a lot of negative emotion in me and I was dwelling in it all day. I really didn't like the idea that I have to catch up with this girl to uncover a limiting belief in order to get all that I want. I wanted to write back to you and list all the reasons why that would be a bad idea, why that wouldn't be fun for me, why she is a crazy person etc. And I was thinking, the idea of telling myself I don't have to do this thing if I don't want to feels like relief, and aren't I supposed to be reaching for relief and feeling better? Why is it in this instance that I have to do something that doesn't feel good? But later on in the day I realised - wow, I am pushing against who this girl is as a person sooo much. I am making her wrong. I have ever since I was a kid. But no one is wrong. Everyone is good and perfect as they are. I want to love and accept everyone; so I want to stop pushing against who she is now and just let go and allow. To accept her anyway. How can I ever learn to love and accept myself if I am not willing to do this with others? So I sent her a message back saying I will let her know next time I'm heading down her way and we can catch up.

So now this has left me with a couple of questions. Firstly, how can I trust my own intuition now? If left to my own devices I would have been like, this manifestation is a chance for me to practise not doing things I don't want to do and not caring about what other people think of me, and I would have just ignored her message. But now I have non-physical intelligence telling me I must push through my fears to get to the bottom of the limiting belief and uncover the message. I thought I could just work it out in my head? So how do I know the difference between a situation where I should not do what I don't feel like doing, and one where I should face my fears and dive into something I'd rather avoid? When can I trust my own judgement?

And the other question it has left me with is in regards to self love. Earlier in the day when I was trying to figure this all out in my head, I journaled it out and found everything comes down to the fact that I am looking for permission from outside of me to feel good about myself. So, cool, all I need to do is completely love and accept myself, then I won't go looking for approval from others all the time. But those are just words, they are easy to say, but how can I get to the place of actually FEELING the unconditional love and acceptance of myself?


Dear Emma,

Certainly, you could have seen this manifestation event and reduced the intensity of your limiting beliefs without going to see your friend or even talk to her again. That would be perfectly acceptable and good. If you felt relief, that was a sign that you have adjusted your limiting belief to a degree. It would be right not to go and see her. Alternatively, you could see that this situation was set up and there was something to be gained by the action of going to see her. If you felt any inspiration to see her, but your fears kept you from going, then you must push through those fears because there is something to be gained by the act of driving for three hours and seeing your old friend. You can't know what will be waiting for you until you go.

In this case (and every case) there is no right or wrong answer; every decision would be the right one. You would be right by blowing her off and never talking to her again. You would be right by sending her a message and making her feel good. You would be right if you chose to drive and see her in person. There is no wrong; there is only right.

How is this possible? How can each decision be right. Certainly one decision is more right than the others. Aren't you supposed to be able to pick the best decision? What if one decision was better than the others and you picked the wrong one? Well, that's not possible. You are just stuck in duality.

You have been raised in such a way to believe in right and wrong, good or bad. You have learned to use judgment. Is judgment good? Sure it is, when the decision is life or death. Your ancestors used judgment in order to survive. However, most of the judgment calls you make are based in irrational fear. We want you to remove judgment and look at the facts as they have been presented to you.

The fact is, you felt negative emotion and that means you are in a manifestation event. The fact is, you chose a limited perspective. The perspective you chose is based on fear. The fear creates a limited belief. The limited belief caused you to chose a limited perspective. You can tell that the belief and perspective are limited because you would not choose this perspective if you were operating as who you really are (a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance). That's how you know. That's how you can tell that your judgment is not aligned with who you really are. So, what are you to do?

You may do anything you like. You can recede into your sheltered existence living a small and safe life tucked away in your comfort zone. That is perfectly acceptable, however, it is not aligned with who you are or what you want. That's the only problem here. You have desires and these desires are being delivered to you, but you are resisting.

You see the whole way you looked at this situation was resistant. Isn't that obvious? If you are being resistant, then you are saying to the universe that you do not approve of its method by which you are to change so that you can receive all that you want. The method, in your opinion, is wrong. Well, if you don't like this method, you're really not going to like the others waiting for you. Or maybe you will. Who knows? it doesn't really matter. You will either give in or keep resisting. Either way is perfectly alright because you will expand just the same.

It doesn't really matter which decision you make because the path to your desires is not one decision over another, it's endless decisions and many twists and turns and all paths lead to the same end - infinity. There is no end. There is either resistance or allowing. You get to choose your path and once you've made the choice, you can choose your perspective. You can see the choice as perfect or wrong. It's always up to you.

This all boils down to self love and self-acceptance. You see, when you make a decision and believe and trust that is is the right decision, that is self-love. When you believe you made the wrong decision, that is not self-love. When you believe you did something good, that is self-love. When you think you made a mistake and you blame yourself, that is not self-love. That's all self-love is. Simply believe that everything you say, do, want, believe, are in this moment is perfect. That's simply the truth of the matter. You can do no wrong; every step is a step in the right direction. This idea that you can behave in a way that is good or bad is dualistic. It is all good. It is all right. There is no wrong. Bad is simply a judgment call based on limited information from a lower perspective. We are not just using words here; we are expressing the universal truth. The basis of the entire system is defined by this one statement: There is no wrong anywhere in the universe. Everything is right.

If everything is right, then everything is perfect including you. You can't be the only person in the universe who is not perfect. It would make no sense. You are either perfect and right as you are (and evolving in every subsequent moment) or everything is wrong. Because unless everything is right, then nothing is right. And who is left to judge right from wrong? You, us, anyone, God? God is perfect. All that is is perfect. The system is perfect. The universe is perfect. The Law of Attraction is perfect. Perfection exists without judgment for with judgment, nothing could be perfect.

You no longer have to worry about the decision because it does not matter. The universe will work it out. All you have to pay attention to is resistance. Everything that happens, happens for you not to you. Your perception that something wrong happened - like your friend reaching out to you - is an illusion based in fear. Without fear, you could not believe that this event was a bad thing. Without fear, you could not be annoyed by her or anyone. It is irrational fear that is causing the resistance. Push through the fear and do whatever you really want to do and trust that your decision is not only meaningless, it's perfect. As long as you pay attention to your resistance, you'll eventually receive everything you want and the journey will be a whole lot smoother and easier.