Emma Question #79


Hi Joshua,

With all of the news lately about nuclear bombs and war threats, I have felt some fear. My default reaction to that sort of stuff is to feel anxiety and fear and to treat it as something outside of myself that I can't control and that I could fall victim to. So now I am recognizing this and analyzing.

There are many different parallel realities out there, including ones where the world is a completely peaceful and loving place. But I have manifested myself into this specific reality and I have been thinking to myself, what did I do to manifest this? When I think more about it, I realise this sort of stuff has been on the news my whole life, and as a child I started being scared of bad things like bombs and wars happening. Victim mentality, like these things could just happen to me. If I started experiencing this as a young child, it must mean I came into this particular reality on purpose, to set me on a specific trajectory. I must have wanted to become a person with anxiety, probably to lead me into being interested in all the self-development work I do now.

So I guess it has served its purpose now. But me focusing on this stuff on the news and feeling fear is not helpful. I need to let it be what it is. To accept they way the world is now, but to put my focus towards what I want instead. To say to myself, imagine if the whole world became a peaceful loving place? And imagine what that looks like and feel good. I guess I need to focus on the fact that this is my reality right now anyway, I live in a pretty peaceful loving environment, it's just stuff on the TV that's not! I don't even watch TV at home but it is always on at work. Anyway I'm just rambling now, looking forward to reading your take on this!


Dear Emma,

You are exactly right. You entered an environment of diversity. You wanted the options to experience the broad variety of feelings and to pursue those things that interest you. You can look at what you consider bad and wrong and say "that's terrible," or you could embrace all the different stuff that people get to explore. If it's not for you personally, then you can ignore it, allow those who are interested to dive into it, and you can simply live peacefully focussing on those things you like and prefer.

Conscious creation is not about removing things you don't like from reality, it's about recognizing that a full buffet of experiences are possible and to each his own. Some get a thrill out of the drama and it gives them an excuse to feel good or bad. Some like those things you do not like. Some enjoy the excitement of a world on the brink of destruction. It distracts them from their mundane lives and gives them something to fuss about. That is for them. What you prefer is for you. You would not deny them their thrill. All you must do is focus on the environment you prefer, which is an environment of peace, love, intelligence, support, and authenticity.

So then, focus on what you personally like and leave the rest to them. You might be scared by the news, for that is how it is designed. It is designed to capture the attention of those who are titillated by such nonsense. You can allow them their titillation, and you can ignore it yourself. There is nothing wrong with their desire to focus on what they consider wrong. It's a habit of lack of focus. They will figure it out in time. You, on the other hand, know better.

Isn't it nice to live on the other side of the world, free from the disputes and pettiness of global instigators. You get to watch from a comfy place warm in the sun. Maybe soon from a sandy beach. Why not ask what your millions think and give us their take on the situation?

With our love and protection,
We are Joshua