Emma Question #78


Hi Joshua,

Here is one of my attempts at channeling. It's sort of embarrassing to share because I still half feel like it's stuff I made up myself rather than channeled - but it felt good while I was writing it and good for me to read personally, so guess that's all that counts!

Everything is love. Pushing something away is the absence of love. Everything is one, that's why everything is love. Love is including something, accepting something, and that's why it feels so good, because everything is one. Pushing something away feels bad because it is separation. And nothing is really separate. So accept everything.

This feels weird we know, because you have your own preferences of what you like and what you don't like. And your own inner being is very aware of what you like and what you don't like. But it is ok for these things to exist, even if they are not your preferences. If you create your own reality, it does not matter that these options exist, because you get to choose the things that you would like to experience. You want the option of being able to experience everything possible, so pushing some things away is not what you want. You want all of the options to be available. And then you get to choose which options you would like to experience. And it isn't even hard to choose these options. All you have to do is think thoughts that feel good to you. Note that this does not mean thoughts that should feel good to you, that others would label as good, but thoughts that to you actually give you a rush of positive emotion, a rush of relief etc. it just takes some trial or error.

Try to think of a better thought, and then ask if that feels better? If not, try a different one. As you keep going, the law of attraction will bring more good feeling ideas to you and you will have the ball rolling, bringing you into a happy state of being. From this state, you are allowing the things you want to flow into your life. It really is very exciting, because you don't know specifically what these things will be, how they will happen, what they will look like, but you know that they are coming and that you will like them very much. How cool is that! It like it's Christmas time and you know you are receiving a present from a person who knows what you like very very well. You don't know what this person is getting you but you know all of their gifts are amazing and they will be getting you something awesome that you really do want. Well, this person is your inner being, who is actually just the more aware version of you, and this person knows exactly what you want, because you have fed it all of the details! It is you!

When you feel good, you are aligning with the momentum that your inner being has created for the things you desire, and therefore allowing them to flow to you. The more you feel good, the more good you will let flow to you. So get excited when you are feeling happy! Because in that moment you can know that you are doing the best thing possible to bring about amazing things in your life.

You always have something to look forward to. You will always be looking forward to something. That's just how this reality works. The fun part is in the getting of the thing, the process. Once you have the thing, you look forward to something else coming. That's just how it works. You will never be done. But that does not mean that you will not get the things you want right now, you will, because you know the secret of feeling good! It just means that when you do get them, you will have a new list of new things you now want to manifest and you will be focusing on those things. Where you are right now, you want to say to your future self: hey - enjoy that boyfriend! And the past you wants to say: hey - enjoy having that good job!!! That brand new house!!!

The things you want are always coming, and you make them come faster by appreciating where you are right now. Where you are right now is very good. Appreciate what you have, and look forward to all of the things that are coming! Don't push against anything you don't like right now, just let it be, it is fine. You know things will change in the future from your new focusing, but you don't need the evidence of them right now before you believe it. It does not matter if you don't see the evidence of it right now - don't let that stop you from believing it. Don't require the evidence.

Tell yourself that you believe it anyway and always, and you know the evidence will eventually show up after the buffer of time, but right now it is fine that it is not here yet, and you are not going to let the evidence of right now dictate your beliefs and feelings, because right now is old news, generated from old beliefs. You can take that, work out what the old beliefs were, and say "nope that's not what I believe anymore. I believe this, and I don't care if there isn't any evidence of it. I believe it anyway. And I know it will show up one day, but it's ok if I don't see it yet, I am not going to let that stop me believing my new beliefs. Because I know that's just how this universe works. I know I can be do or have anything I desire, and I know how to get there. I know the secret, so I can get excited about these things coming! Because I know how to let them in."

Interested to hear (well, read..) your thoughts!


Dear Emma,

This is the inner communication that you have wanted and found. You have always had this ability and you've reached a vibrational level where you can access it and now, due to your new system of beliefs, it is fully available anytime you want it. This communication is for you specifically. You can ask it anything and the words will flow easily and effortlessly. It might not make sense as you write it because you will be focused on translating the message and getting it down on paper (or computer). But when you read it back, as you have done here, you will see that it is truth for you specifically.

There is no more pure form of communication than that which comes from your inner self. Your inner self knows you because your inner self is you. The words "everything is love" could not be more pure. You can't push away love. All you can do is receive love or resist it. You resist love when you perceive that what is coming to you is not love; but of corse it is. You think you should like some things, but that is due to the influence of your society and the desire to protect your fabricated persona. You do not really know what it is you truly want, so you can trust your inner self and just be feeling good and understanding that everything that comes to you is a gift. It is love. You can simply feel good and receive whatever comes your way, no matter how it looks, because it is a gift for you and it is always love.

You are love. When you think about who you really are, you are love and love is attractive and always attracting more love. If it comes to you, it is for you because it is love and you are love and so it is always a match to you. Look upon all the things that come to you, especially this communication from your inner self, as love. Look at all that you are attracting. It is all love. It is all good. It is all for you. Everything is good. There is no bad. As you have found, it might not be your preference, but it doesn't mean it's wrong.

Continue meditating and receiving more and more messages from your inner self. We love that we can share this with you. It is your birthright to have this form of open communication and something you intended prior to your birth. It might feel a bit weird, but it's the most natural and normal thing in the world. Now that you have opened up your beliefs and have reached vibrational alignment with this form of communication, it will always be there for you. You have attracted love and once that idea has been adopted, you will always have it. Everything you want is flowing to you even though you didn't consciously know you wanted it or that you could have it. This is how the universe works when you can allow everything to be right as it is and feel good. As we have said many times, feeling good is the key to receiving that what you truly want. It might not be that which you think you want and it might be wrapped in a package that you do not think is right, but it will always be right and here you have received proof of that.

With our deep love and appreciation for your willingness to receive that which you truly want, a gift beyond measure, but like all gifts, was one you deserve and are fully worthy of receiving,

We are Joshua