Emma Question #77


Hi Joshua,

For a while now, I have wanted to be able to channel. Sometimes I do feel like I might be slightly channeling when I am writing. But I guess I always thought it was something I would be suddenly struck with, I would hear these voices in my head and just simply write down what I hear. I didn't think I would actually have to go to the effort of thinking thoughts myself if that makes sense lol. But now I am thinking - maybe channeling does feel like my own thoughts and sound like my own voice. So I have decided to just try it often, meditate and and then sit down and write about whatever topic is on my mind at the time. As I do this more consistently, maybe I will grow in confidence around channeling and then be able to receive clearer, higher vibrational messages?


Dear Emma,

What you are describing is the most natural thing in the physical world. You were never meant to go it alone, because you are never alone. You are not manufacturing your thoughts, you are receiving and transmitting thoughts. The thoughts you receive when you are feeling good are direct communication from you inner self and your millions. Call this channeling if you want, or just call it natural guidance and communication. Call it the reception of infinite intelligence. This is what Gary does. This is what many people do and you can do it too. All you need is the belief that it is possible, the desire for easy and clear communication in a loving way, and the confidence to do it yourself.

The thing that struck Gary as odd was that the thoughts he received from us sounded and felt like his own thoughts. It wasn't until after he had been meditating for a while that he was able to reach our vibration and when that happened we emerged into his reality as a obvious presence and feeling in his head. This alerted him to the possibility of something strange (but not too weird) was happening. When he was given the inspiration to communicate with the presence in his head, he recognized the intelligence that was coming through because it is similar in style to Abraham and he was used to that.

Now, he could have dismissed this as his imagination gone wild, yet he chose to investigate it further and play with it. He would ask mental questions and we would provide thought. He recognized that the thoughts felt the same as his other thoughts (because they are his thoughts), but believed it was coming from somewhere outside of his individual physical body. After playing with us for a while and getting comfortable, we urged him to write and he did. Once that process started, everything unfolded perfectly over the last 40 months. Where does it go from here? That's completely up to him.

As people see Gary channeling Joshua, they are able to see that if this normal man can do it, why not them? And many have begun receiving the information directly. It doesn't matter. You can choose to receive the information directly and write it down or record it as you translate thoughts into words, or you can use Gary or any other source. The fact that you understand that this is all possible for you and completely normal and natural, will go a long way to allowing you to receive the information and communication you desire. If you would like, why not share some of it with us and get our take on what you are receiving? It could be very fun and interesting.

With our love,
We are Joshua