Emma Question #76


Hi Joshua,

Following on from your last answer, I have a few steps that I feel like come next in my move to the city. There is a house up the street from mine that is also 3 bedroom 2 bathroom that has just been put on the market, and I will watch to see how quickly it gets rented out. Then I can gauge if people are happy to pay that price for a house like that. The property manager thought my house should go on the market for a little bit less than that one, but I think it deserves the same amount. So I can watch what happens there while I'm at work for the next two weeks.

Then when I get back, I can decide on a price and put my house on the market, advertising as available 6 weeks later. Then I will pack up my house, organise removalists to take my furniture and put it into their storage, and I will go and stay at my parents' house. From that point, I can wait until my house gets a tenant, and once it does, I will start properly looking/applying for houses in the city. I know all of this is not just one step, but it is the plan I have worked out that feels best, and it would feel bad not to go ahead with it. Can the next step be as complex as what I have just listed?


Dear Emma,

This is the exact question we were hoping you would be inspired to ask. What are the odds?

We want to talk about steps and inspiration. You are inspired to move to the city and so you think, "what's the first step?" The first step that comes to you is "rent out my house." That is a very good step. There are several things that must be taken into account. What will it rent for, what will you do with your stuff, where will you live? All of that is included in this step, and we would say that everything that has to do with step one is just as you described. It is all step-one activity.

What's step two? There is no step two. When your house is rented and you are staying with your parents, you will sit down, feel very good, and then ask "what's the next step?" You will not assume you know the next step. You will not assume that the next step is to find a place in the city. You see, by the time your house is rented, you will be a different version of you. Your vibration will be different. Your beliefs will be different. Your perspective will be different. Keep your options open. Don't become attached to any specific outcome. That's just trying to do all the work yourself rather than allowing the universe to guide you easily and effortlessly right to where you really want to go. That's the design of the system. Sure you can make things happen on your own. But you do not have all the information. You have a limited perspective. There's more to it than you can possibly imagine. This is why we ask you to get into alignment and when you are ready for the next step, seek inspiration. The universe will inspire you to the next step.

If you think you know what the next step is, you might not receive the inspiration that will actually come and be for your highest good. You might miss out on something wonderful, just because you think it should be just as you imagine it. It might be quite different, so allow the possibilities to evolve right in front of you.

The next step might be to properly search for places in the city. That is very likely, but that will be a step-one moment when the time comes. For now, only think about the step that you are on and do not think further. When the time comes, you will take the next step. That's fine, but maintain your focus on this step now and make this step as easy as possible free from the fear of the next step. Everything will work out better than you can imagine if you will just take one step as a time and allow for all the awesome possibilities contained within an infinite universe.

Step one, done. Next step. Step one, done. Okay, next step. Step one, done. Step one, done. What's the next step. Step one, done! Whats the next step? "I'm open to all possibilities, now what's the next step?"

With our love,
We are Joshua