Emma Question #74


Hi Joshua,

I seem to have psychic dreams about my friends being pregnant. It's happened to me twice now, where I have a dream that a friend is newly pregnant, and then I find out that they actually are. I have also predicated the sex of two babies from my dreams too. Why do I only have psychic dreams about babies? How can I tell if a dream is psychic or not?

I suppose another way of looking at it is I get a strong feeling about something, so it has to manifest in my reality. Or maybe I am picking up on strong momentum I have going on towards something happening in my reality?


Dear Emma,

It's funny to us that the term "psychic" isn't interchanged with the term "natural." Why not know that your friends are pregnant? Why not know the sex of the babies? There is so much going on around you that you choose to ignore. It is the illusion of physical reality and this keeps you focused mainly on your physical senses, because they are so obvious and intense. However, there are other senses. There are nonphysical senses and they have the ability to allow you to explore more aspects or versions, or dimensions of physical reality. Isn't that interesting?

When you are communicating with a friend, you think you are doing it with your words. You might even think that your body language plays a part. However, there is a very strong nonphysical communication going on that you are not aware of. You hear what they say with your ears and you receive their body language with your eyes, but the real communication is going on at a much deeper, broader nonphysical sense. This is often ignored because you have attained the habit of allowing your physical senses to dominate your experience. You might feel something, but ignore it because the person said something that was contrary to that feeling.

You are certainly more aware than most and you can develop this sense much, much further. Believe what you feel and trust that this information is just as valid (if not more so) than what you perceive with your physical senses. You can know things that are not there in the physical sense. That's because there is no real division or border between the physical and the nonphysical. It is natural for humans to be able to develop and utilize their nonphysical senses just as they do their physical ones.

You have a dream. What is a dream? It is the nonphysical side of you returning to the nonphysical to play with the events, feelings, emotions, distractions, and manifestations that occurred during the day. It is a sort of internal, nonphysical processing of information. It is a break from the density of physical reality and a return to the ease of the nonphysical. In this time you might also be communicating with others, both those experiencing nonphysical reality as well as those existing in the nonphysical. When you wake, you remember bits and pieces, but from a physical perspective and that's why dreams often feel so bizarre, yet so real.

So we say that you can trust your feelings. However, if the feelings evoke fear, you must analyze the fear to determine if they are rational or not. Irrational fear can alter your perspective and cause you to disconnect from the ability to use your higher, nonphysical senses. When you are feeling good, you have access to all sorts of nonphysical abilities. That's why feeling good is so important.

You allow your nonphysical senses to awaken from a high emotional place. You do not have to work to attract the inspirations and feelings. They will come to you, just as sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell are received by you. However, the physical senses are enlivened during times of fear while the nonphysical senses will most likely be restricted or obscured in the presence of irrational fear. So when you have a gut feeling, is it inspiration or fear? It all depends on your emotional state of being.

With our love,
We are Joshua