Emma Question #72


Hi Joshua,

I'm still feeling a lot of resistance reading these answers. When you said about going on a date with a guy in order to meet someone else, it didn't feel good to me. If a guy asked me on a date and I really didn't feel interested in him or inspired to go, but I decide to just go anyway purely because this guy could introduce me to other guys - I think that would be a horrible thing to do to the guy.

I've sort of been in that situation before. There was a guy I wanted to be friends with but I knew he liked me. I didn't feel the same way back, but I still tried to be friends with him because he had a lot of other guy friends and I thought he would be a good connection. Being friends didn't work out though because he wanted more! Then I felt bad for giving him false hope that whole time. I do have fear around leading guys on, having to reject them etc. I guess I'm cautious around giving any hope to a guy before I know that I like him that way because I don't want to hurt their feelings. Of course, there have been times where I have known I like a guy and I get excited about him, but these are the times where the guy ends up not messaging me back.

I'm annoyed that I keep feeling resistance around this. I keep hoping to get that "a-ha" realisation from an answer but it's just not happening. I really want to find that perspective that feels like relief and that I've got it worked out.


Dear Emma,

We understand that you are very deeply focused on what you perceive as a problem and from this standpoint, the answer is not easily within your reach. We are not suggesting that you date someone just to gain access to his friends, we are simply saying that you cannot see where the universe is leading you. From your perspective, you are attached to a certain outcome. You have created a strong image of the desire you hold. However, you cannot possibly see how what you want will unfold and so by creating this image, you minimize the possibilities. All we are saying is to detach yourself from the path you imagine and allow what you truly want to unfold.

We will also tell you here that there is a big difference between what you think you want and what you truly want. You can have, be, and do anything you want in this reality and so you can manifest what you think you want into your reality. However, there is something that you truly want, something that resonates with who you really are, and it's something based in love. What you truly want is based in who you really are and what you think you want is based in who you are being. When you want to understand what it is you truly want, all you have to do is remember who you really are.

You are a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. You are love. Everything you truly want resonates and is completely compatible with who you really are and that is love. Your vibration also contains the essence of what you truly want and this will manifest if you can allow it. The things you truly want resonate with love. The things you think you want sometimes resonate with fear.

Often people want to be rich not because they desire the feeling of abundance, but because they believe that being rich will be better than being poor. The falsely believe that the money will solve their problems. The think that having money will allow them to do things they could not have done, or be things they could not otherwise be. This is simply not the case. It has nothing to do with the money, it has to do with what they truly want compared to what they think they want. Love versus fear.

You, as a being of pure positive love and acceptance want to express your love. While it feels good to be loved, your primary desire is to love without conditions. Without fear, you would easily express your love. When you account for the fear that currently exists within you, you create desires based on that fear. You don't necessarily seek out someone to love, you seek someone who will love you because you think that will alleviate the fear and make you feel something that's missing. You want a certain quality of guy to love you because you believe that will make you feel good. However, until you resolve the issues of fear that currently exist, you won't feel what you think you will feel when you meet that one guy who you think will cause you to feel good. It just doesn't work that way.

Imagine walking down a busy street and you pass by one hundred guys. If you were to look at each one of them, you might say that five were the type of guy you want and the rest were not the kind of guy you could love. However, we will tell you that if you removed the fear and if you allowed yourself to be who you really are, you would come to love any one of those guys. You are a being of love and acceptance and love is your natural state. If you were stranded on an island with any one of those guys, and fear was removed from the situation, you would come to love and accept them completely because you are a being of love, and so are they. It is the fear that causes you to believe otherwise.

Therefore, your work is to reduce the intensity of limiting beliefs based in fear. Your work is to remove the layers of fear. You have been placed in many manifestation events that are causing you to examine the fear. What is the fear? Identify the fears that are keeping you from being who you really are. Once you've identified a fear, realize that it is irrational. Prove that it is false. Reduce the intensity of the fear through the art of analysis. This is your work. As soon as you reduce the intensity of the limiting beliefs, what you truly want will be revealed to you.

Because you are so tied up with what it is you think you want, the insights keep eluding you. They are there in every answer, it's just that you cannot see them. Keep reading and keep your mind open. Think about who you really are and compare that to who you are being. In a few years from now, when you are happily involved in a wonderful relationship and expressing your love freely, you will reread these answers and you will see that the ahas were contained in every one of them. Our work together is to bring you to a new level of awareness and a much higher perspective.

Everything is right. Everything is unfolding perfectly. You do not have to do anything you do not want to do. Just remember that when you allow yourself to be who you really are and you detach yourself from what you think it is that you want, everything will unfold as if by magic. It is unfolding now. This is part of the process. Remember who you really are and be open to the possibilities. New possibilities are making their way to you now. Be open and think a bit bigger and bolder and remember that you are a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. Be limitless!

With our love,
We are Joshua