Emma Question #68


Hi Joshua,

I have been thinking about the idea of taking action towards things tonight. I have heard Mike Dooley say that you can have the GPS turned on and telling you where to go (the universe leading the way), but you won't move until you decide to put the car into gear (take some sort of small action in the general direction of what you want). I understand that you have to be vibrationally aligned to take action. But when I think back to all of the notable things I have achieved in my life, it took me pushing through a bit of fear and taking action towards these things, and then everything just worked out.

So now I'm wondering, when I am just at home chilling on my couch, reading or whatever, I tell myself that I am just doing things that are fun and enjoyable for me and that's a good thing. But maybe all I am really doing is procrastinating from taking action on other things because of fear present, and the only reason chilling out seems fun to me is because it's safe and keeps me in my comfort zone?


Dear Emma,

Mike Dooley is right. The universe is always guiding you to what you want and when it is time to take action, you will feel the inspiration to do so. You will get an idea and the idea will feel exciting, adventurous, interesting, or just plain fun. However, until you receive that inspiration, chilling on your couch and enjoying yourself is the perfect thing to do.

When you receive inspiration, you will always bump up against some fear. The fear may be small or it may be intense. If you feel inspiration, you must move past your fear and do what you are inspired to do. The timing is right and as long as you are in a positive emotional state of being, you can trust that the next step will lead you further along your path toward what it is that you truly want. The action may result in something wonderful, or it may lead to your next manifestation event. You might not think the result was good, but it was the next step and sometimes you can't always see how everything is always working out for you. You must have faith that any action taken when inspired from a positive emotional state of being will always be for your highest good. You cannot fail. It is important to remember that you will also receive inspiration in times when you are in a low emotional state of being. However, these are impulses and urges designed to distract you from how you are feeling and they will not normally result in something so positive. You might be angry and say something you don't mean. The impulse to say something may feel like inspiration, but it was simply a defense mechanism and does not move you in the direction of what is wanted. It is designed to make you feel better in that moment, but it often makes you feel worse.

Think about your emotional state before taking action. Try not to take action just because you think you should. This type of action always comes from a low emotional state such as guilt. Action taken while in a low emotional state does not leverage the forces of the universe. Be easy on yourself and the time will come when you are inspired to do something.

Inspiration comes in many forms. A thought may occur to you. You might read something and get excited about it. A friend might call and invite you somewhere. These are all examples of inspiration coming to you. In each case, as you consider taking the action, you will feel fear. It is in the instances that you feel fear that you must push through them and take the action. You cannot know where the action will lead you, but you can have faith that the result will always be for your higher good.

Next time you are invited to something and the idea seems fun, adventurous, exciting, or interesting, don't think too far ahead, because more fears will pop up. Just think about your emotional state, take the first step, and push through the little fears. The fears will never stop coming, but you can get better at reducing their intensity and pushing though the little ones just by taking the first step and not thinking too much about it nor too far ahead of it. The key to your progression is by focusing on the first step rather than fifty steps down the road.

With our love for you,
We are Joshua