Emma Question #67


Hi Joshua,

I really want to move to the city soon and have been telling everyone I know that I'm doing it. The problem is though, I'm lacking motivation to clean up my house and stuff. The thought of all the things I have to do is overwhelming and I have just been procrastinating a lot and doing nothing. Is this one of those situations where I just need to push through the fear?


Dear Emma,

Are you inspired to move to the city because the idea is exciting and fun, or do you simply want to escape the conditions that exist where you are now? You had once told us that there was a lack of available and suitable men where you live now. Are you choosing to believe that things will be different in the city? Think about why you want to move and then come into alignment with the decision. Either way, your decision will be right. You can either enroll the help of the universe or go it alone.

You have the inspiration to move to the city. That is very good. You have some fears. That is completely normal. You procrastinate because you haven't done the work to come into alignment with what you really want. Let's do the work first and then when you're fully aligned with the decision, you'll be inspired to do all the things you need to do to take the action you're inspired to take. If you are procrastinating, it just means that you are not quite vibrationally ready.

You are inspired to move to the city. Now, let's frame this inspiration in a way that is empowering and will engage the forces of the universe. Write a list of every positive aspect of the move. It might look something like this:

I am excited to move to the city.
There are so many fun things to do in the city.
There are so many new and interesting people to meet in the city.
I want to feel the adventure of living in a city.
I want to experience the faster pace of life that is found in city living.
I am eager for the new friends I will meet in the city.
I am curious about the kind of guys I will meet in the city.
I'm looking forward to finding a new home in the city.
I know this move is the next logical step for me.
I know that I am ready for this move and I am very much looking forward to it. I know there might be a few challenges, but I also know that the universe will make everything happen magically so that the move goes smoothly and easily, and I will overcome all challenges.

Once you have made the decision to move, then just take the first step. What is the first step? Write down the first step and take that step. If you are not ready, then wait until you are. There is no rush. The most important thing is to come into alignment with what you truly want before making the decision and before you take the first step. Don't think too far down the road. Don't picture anything that might go wrong. Keep your focus firmly on what is wanted and from there, everything will work out. It may not go as planned, since you cannot know how it will all unfold. But if you come into alignment with your decision first, seeking to experience something new and exciting rather than trying to escape a condition you do not like, everything will magically work out for you.

With our love and full support,
We are Joshua