Emma Question #66


Hi Joshua,

Sometimes I feel like I get drained of energy when hanging around people, and then I need time all to myself to recharge. But since other people can't create in my reality, they can't drain me of energy. I am draining myself of energy. So how am I doing this?


Dear Emma,

You can only align with the energy of the universe and allow it to flow to you, or resist it in some way. When you are fully aligned with the perspective that your inner self is holding onto, then you are receiving the full flow of energy. When your perspective is lower, or limited in some way, you are cutting yourself off from that energy. When you feel good, you are allowing the energy to flow. When you feel fear, you are blocking some of that energy.

If you feel drained by being around other people, it's because during that time you were either resisting who they were being, who you were being with them, or the conditions that presented themselves. You may not have felt strong negative emotion, but you were either judging them as wrong, judging yourself as wrong, or thinking that they were thinking something negative about you. That's the limited perspective. When you are alone, you can realign your thoughts and perspective with your inner self and allow the well-being to flow once again. Now that you're receiving the energy again, it feels like you're being recharged, but in actuality, you are simply receiving the energy flow that is always there for you to receive. The energy flow is always turned on. You either receive it or resist it.

It all has to do with how you are personally perceiving your environment. It has to do with your set of beliefs, for they influence how you perceive your world. You have some beneficial beliefs and some limiting beliefs. The limiting beliefs cause you to perceive reality in a way that is not only false, it's not empowering. Your work is to discover these limiting beliefs and reduce the intensity of them by analyzing the irrational fear at the basis of them and proving to yourself that the fear is false. When you do this, time and time again, your set of beliefs will be altered and you will start to receive more energy because your perspective will be more often aligned with that of your inner self. Your inner self knows exactly what you want and holds the perspective that you must align with if you are to receive whatever you desire. When you stray from this perspective, you feel bad, you feel less energy, you perceive things in a way that is not empowering, and you receive a message from your inner self letting you know that you're currently off-track.

When you are with people, how do you feel? If you feel shy, you are feeling as if you are not worthy of attention. If you feel like they are annoying, you are thinking that something is wrong with them. If you are worried about what they are thinking, you're feeling insecure. All of these feelings are alerting you to the fact that you are choosing a limiting perspective. Now it is your work to discover the fear and prove to yourself that it is false. This work, when done on a daily basis, will become a habit and will create positive momentum. There is no timetable or deadline. You just need to understand how the system works and then apply what you know to your everyday life.

The truth is you are worthy and you are living life by your own design as intended prior to your birth. You are expanding through experience and so you are doing what you intended to do. Now that you are here and you know more, you can utilize what you know to create the life you prefer. However, you must do the work. You must hold yourself accountable. It is not wrong to feel negative emotion, but you must not linger there for too long. If you want to create a life you desire, you must always reach for the higher perspective and come into alignment with your inner self. If you can do this, everything will unfold in the most elegant manner possible.

With our love for the most wonderful person on the planet,
We are Joshua