Emma Question #63


Hi Joshua,

How can we stop focusing on lack? I can imagine how it feels to already have the things that I want, but then I look at my reality to check if things are changing and get disappointed when they're not. It's hard to ignore current reality, and to trust that things are going to change when we haven't seen any progress.


Dear Emma,

The best way to stop focussing on lack is to understand how physical reality works. You understand that you have a vibration and your vibration is a perfect signal that broadcasts your true desires to the universe. Do you believe this to be true? If you do, then you can also know that this is a supportive universe and that you are given everything you need when you need it as long as you allow it. Do you also believe this fact to be true? If you believe that you emit a vibration and that the universe always brings you a match to your vibration then you can have faith in the system and relax.

Let's imagine that we are the universe and that we see every aspect of your life, your desires, your fears, your current emotional state of being, your level of self-love and appreciation as well as every other aspect of this current version of Emma. We know you would like a boyfriend and we, as the universe, will bring you a boyfriend. However, we also know that you do not want just any boyfriend. We know exactly what you want.

We, the universe, know your current vibration resonates at a level that is not quite a match to the kind of guy you really want and so we know that there is some work that must be done first. If you wanted just any boyfriend, we could bring that to you now, but we know you would not be happy with that and in fact, you would be furious with us for bringing you someone who is not what you want. If you went out and picked up any random guy, you could do that on your own, but you're much smarter than that. You know that you must allow who you really want to enter your life gracefully.

So, our work, as the universe, is to raise your vibration so that you are a match to the guy you truly want. How do we do that? We inspire you to meet Joshua and to engage yourself in the One on One program. We see that this conversation has already increased your vibration, but you are not there yet. We must also place you into some manifestation events that will help you alter your beliefs. As you go along with these events and see the underlying fear that you have, you can analyze the fear and reduce the intensity of these beliefs. This too raises your vibration, but you are still not quite there yet.

Would you like us (as the universe) to bring you someone before you're ready. If we did that, it would never work. You would not be ready for him and either he would be unable to see you, or you would be unable to maintain a relationship with him. We're reaching for a high vibrational level here and so before you meet, before you can meet, you must be within the vibrational vicinity of him. He must also be within the vicinity of you as well.

He is not yet ready for you. He must go through some manifestation events on his own. So then, you can either be patient and have faith that everything is always working out for you or you can be impatient and step into something before you're ready. We think this will ease your resistance to what is coming and allow you to evolve with less resistance. Just know that what you want is coming and you are doing a wonderful job at going with the flow and allowing your vibration to rise every single day.

With our appreciation for your patience and faith,
We are the Universe - just kidding - we are Joshua