Emma Question #62


Hi Joshua,

I have decided to just pretend I am already with my soulmate. I have been asking myself how this would feel and just trying to feel that way now. I realised that when I have this, I won't care about other guys. I won't get excited if I see hot guys at work for example. So I'm thinking I am just going to act like I am in a relationship now, not like a single girl. I am not going to care about other guys because I am already with my soulmate (vibrationally anyway). Is this detrimental at all, or is it in alignment with the laws of the universe and what I want?


Dear Emma,

You may have experienced the vibrationally aligned concept of getting what you want when you've already received that which you've wanted. Have you ever had a friend who got a boyfriend and now other guys are suddenly attracted to her? Have you ever noticed that married men are often more attractive than single guys? Have you ever heard that it's easier to make money once you already have money? There is a reason for this and it has to do with the vibration the person is emitting.

If you want something, you emit a vibrational signal of lack and you become less attractive to what you want. There is a sense of desperation. There is a feeling of neediness. When you release the lack, you allow for the abundance of whatever you want to flow to you. If you were in a relationship now, you would be more attractive to men than you have ever been before. This is because you are focused on the abundance of this relationship and not the lack of one.

Focusing on the feeling of what it's like to be in a relationship is a good idea. Why not get yourself an engagement ring while you're at it? Does this sound vibrationally appropriate, or counter-intuitive? Does the thought of wearing an engagement ring bring you visions of guys ignoring you because you're already taken or does it give you the feeling that you're in a committed relationship? The answer to this question will let you know which side of the Abundance-lack stick you're focused on.

If you could wear an engagement ring knowing that men would be more attracted to you, then the idea of feeling like you are in a relationship would be very beneficial to your vibration and would in fact attract men. When one asks about your ring, you can simply say you wear it because you're tired of being approached by so many men.

You're just out to have fun with your friends. However, if you worry that the ring will keep Mr. Right from approaching you, then you are focused on the lack and that will do more to keep him away than anything.

Your vibration is emitting a signal based on your desire and your feelings. Are you feeling attractive, desirable, and worthy of the guy you want? That is all you have to ask yourself. Is your desire stronger than your fear? Are you feeling good about yourself? Are you really mentally and vibrationally ready for what you want? Are you sure you want to attract someone right now, or would you prefer to get your vibration in order first? There is no rush and there is no secret. Simply become aligned with who you authentically are, love that version of yourself and consider it perfect, understand that when you are living as the confident and authentic version of who you are, you will attract someone who is a vibrational match to the best of you. That is what you truly want.

With our love for the perfection that is you as the most wonderful person in the world,

We are Joshua