Emma Question #61


Hi Joshua,

I always hear things such as; "everything happens for a reason, everything is always working out for you, etc. But the way I see it, if something you perceive as bad happens, it is just a neutral, mechanical reflection of your own focus and vibration. Things aren't really working out for you until you change your focus." Can you please expand on this?


Dear Emma,

That's true. From a limited perspective, you could say that you birth a desire and that desire is being brought to you, but if you resist all the ways that the universe brings it to you, then it really can't come to you and it's your resistance that has kept you apart from it and therefore nothing worked out for you. However, from the higher perspective, we know that no matter how hard you resist, you are still getting something out of the arrangement. You are still expanding. You are still growing. Your vibration is always changing. You are still experiencing certain aspects of reality in a way that has never been experienced before. Just because you resist, doesn't mean you're not accomplishing anything. It is always working out for you. You either go with the flow or resist, but either way, you experience reality in the process and you expand. You came here for the expansive qualities of experience and thus you are successful.

You may judge that one who allows what they want to manifest in their reality is a good manifestor and therefore a successful person. You may judge that one who lives in complete resistance is having a hard time with life and is therefore less successful. From your perspective, it seems lie the millionaire is doing better than the homeless person. However, one experience is not more or less valid than any other. It is just as valid.

You came here to experience life and expand in the process. You intended to expand in joy, but ultimately that is up to you. You can expand in joy or misery. It is always your choice, but you cannot help but to expand and so everything else is just icing on the cake. We know that you like icing and that is why we share our perspective.

We teach you how the universe works and how to navigate physical reality in joy. That's what you intended and that's all we have to offer. You can't get it wrong and you'll never be finished, so all there is to do is whatever you want to do. It's interesting to note that in the nonphysical we only do that which we want to do in the moment we want to do it. In physical reality it seems like there are some things you must do that you do not want to do and there are some things that you get to do that you want to do. Hopefully, there are more fun things that you get to do rather than miserable things that you do not want to do. That's just an illusion. Actually, you can always be doing that which you want to do as long and you look at it from the higher perspective and do not let irrational fear get in the way.

Everything is neutral, but you have power over your perspective. You can see it as good or bad. You can judge it as right or wrong. However, judging anything as bad or wrong does not help you. It only causes you to attract more of what you think is bad or wrong. That's how the system works. To someone, a diamond might be a valuable possession, but to another, a diamond just might be another painful stone stuck in their foot.

Everything is neutral, it's up to the perceiver to judge it in a way that aligns with what they personally desire. Think always about how everything is good for you and then everything will be good for you and by perceiving things this way you create an environment of allowing and by creating an environment of allowing, everything you want naturally flows into your life. This is the fundamental system of the universe whether you exist in physical reality or in nonphysical reality.

With our love,
We are Joshua