Emma Question #60


Hi Joshua,

The last two nights I have dreamt that my dad died. It's a horrible feeling in the dream, like my worst nightmare has come true. What's the deal with that? Why do we have bad dreams?

Do the emotions I feel in my dreams create in my reality?


Dear Emma,

When you sleep, you return to the nonphysical to take a break from the density of physical reality. During that time you often play with certain dynamics and interact with others who are on this journey with you. You also interact with those not on this journey and who remain in the nonphysical, but are very interested in your life in physical terms. You have no point of reference for what it is like in the nonphysical and so your dreams are interpreted from your current, physical-reality based perception. That perception is obviously limited. While it's true that you might be playing with some dynamic with your father, the death aspect is not what you think it is.

When you awoke and remembered your dream, you perceived that you father had died. To you, from your physical perspective, this seems like a bad thing and therefore you felt negative emotion. You interpreted some interaction as death, because that would be a way to interpret the dynamic of separation. You think death is bad and so you felt negative emotion. The dynamic could be the separation that now exists between you and your father now that you are an adult and your roles are different. It doesn't mean death, it just means a lack of connection or a change in the connection. In fact, when your father does transition to the nonphysical, you will be far more connected to him than you are now.

Do not worry about the death of a loved one because you cannot lose anyone you know. Your father and you have an eternal bond. You chose to come to physical reality to play the roles of father and daughter. This life is like the blink of an eye in universal terms. Can you really miss someone in the blink of an eye? As soon as your eye opens, he will be there.

You do not create your reality while in the dream state. But dreams do have the power to influence you, if you choose. You can use the feeling of separation or loss that you felt in your dream to create a stronger connection with your father. It might inspire you to take action to call him or write him a letter expressing your appreciation. If an idea feels good to you, then that is an inspired idea and you can create your reality by taking action when inspired.

With our love for you,
We are Joshua