Emma Question #6


Hi Joshua,

I've got a bit of a deeper question today to mix things up. Sorry that it turned out to be a massive essay haha!

So, everything is just energy. I am a clump of energy that I perceive to be physical through my physical senses, which send data to my brain and my brain processes & interprets this data. All of the data that is sent to my brain is just a representation of my own vibration, because reality mirrors back my vibration.

From my understanding, all thoughts that we have are actually received. We receive thoughts, based on our vibration. But now I am thinking: what really controls changes in our vibration?

Sure, I have been lead to this material and have found out that if I reach for better feeling thoughts my vibration raises, and I can consciously choose to think better feeling thoughts to have my reality mirror back better feeling things to me. BUT - we receive thoughts, so I actually received the idea to try and think of a better feeling thought! The exact place I am at right now is because of inspirations I acted on, things I read, heard or observed, things I decided to do, things I focussed on - but all of this was because I first RECEIVED the idea! The vibration I'm at right now is because of the vibration I was at in the past which caused me to receive certain thoughts, leading me to where I am now. The thoughts I receive right now are because of the vibration I am at right now and are setting a trajectory to the vibration I will be at in the future.

So, I could decide to be a deliberate creator and manifest desired things in my reality by thinking better feeling thoughts - but again, I received the thought of doing this! So do we really even have free will? It's like a never ending circle of vibration - thought - vibration. And it all tracks back to the exact moment we are born. The vibration we began this journey at. So from looking at it this way, it seems to me that my whole life is pre-determined by the vibration I decided to enter this world at! It's like, I have discovered this information that I can have anything I want and I create my own reality because I was always heading down the path of experiencing these things I want to create anyway, all because of the time I was born.

I guess what I am getting at is it seems we don't create our own reality, we receive our own reality, which was already pre-determined by the vibration we entered at! Me trying to consciously create in my reality is just me heading down a pre-determined path! The idea of life being pre-determined doesn't feel good to me, which must mean my inner being disagrees. So what am I missing here?


Dear Emma,

Everything you said is true except for one simple fact; you get to choose which thoughts you think. You have free will. You can choose any thought and any perspective. You could choose to see the world as a scary place or a playground. You can choose what you believe. You can choose to believe that you have free will, that you create your reality in this moment, and that no one else has the power to create in your reality, or you can choose to believe that everything is pre-determined. If you have the power to choose, then nothing can be predetermined.

You start off prior to your birth by setting intentions. Most of your intentions are general. You intended to be free, receive abundance, have fun, experience joy, and expand through the experience of life. One or more of your intentions were more specific and so you chose the time and place of your birth and your parents because you believed that this would launch you on a trajectory that would give you the best chance of fulfilling your intentions.

Once you are here, things happen and you start to create desires. Now, given the conditions surrounding you in your youth, many of those desires could be foreseen. It was part of the trajectory. This is what you wanted to happen and it happened. You gravitated to certain interests. Some of these interests fit perfectly within the framework of your individual situation (i.e. Western culture, female, white, middle class, etc) and so the interests are considered normal. Some of your interests might seem out of place or different than what others are interested in. Where do these interests come from? They came from the specific intention you came here to explore. Your interest in Law of Attraction, for instance, is not considered normal in your society.

So you now find yourself navigating life. Part of you is interested in things you intended to explore prior to your birth and part of you is interested in the manifestation of desires created while on earth in this new incarnation as Emma. It is all good. It is all part of the plan. It is all working out perfectly.

Imagine going to an amusement park. While planning your trip, you set some intentions. You intended to ride the roller coaster and the Ferris Wheel. But once you get through the entrance, you see other rides that capture your interest and you choose to ride those attractions in addition to the intended rides. It is all available to you. You get to choose it all.

We tell you to get control of your thoughts and think better feeling thoughts so that you can maintain a positive emotional state of being. Why do we ask that of you? If you can maintain a positive emotional state of being, you will be more open and receptive to inspiration. Where does the inspiration come from? It comes from the nonphysical realm. It is guidance. Is this guidance given to keep you on the path of some predetermined life? No, it's guidance to move you toward all that you desire. You have desires that were in place when you were born and you have created new desires from the events and experiences of your life. You lived life and created preferences and desires. The desires you created during your life as just as valid as the intentions set prior to your birth. The universe is guiding you toward everything you want; all equally.

So, now that you are here, what is it that you want? You have the power and ability to think about what you want. Here's the caveat. You do not really know what it is you truly want. Some of your desires are false. The desire to feel worthy is a false desire because you already are worthy. You might want a mate who makes you feel worthy, but that is a false desire. It's not what you really want. You can focus on that and make it happen, but it will be immensely unsatisfying because you will have chosen a mate to solve a problem, rather than one who will be what you truly want.

If you can feel good about yourself and accept yourself as worthy, unique, and perfect as you are, and evolving every day, then you can start to focus on your true desires. Now, since you don't really know what they are or how they will eventually manifest, why not allow everything to be right as it is and go with the flow of life?

The universe will bring you to the vibration of everything you want if you will allow it. Your vibration is altered though conscious awareness and analysis of your fears. Your beliefs play a large part in the structure of your vibration. If you can allow your beliefs to be altered easily, you can allow the universe to raise your vibration through manifestation events or otherwise.

So, let's talk about manifestation events. Something happens in your reality and you feel fear. The fear causes negative emotion. Why? Because you are looking at the situation in a way that does not agree with how your inner self sees that very same situation. Your inner self knows that you are on a path toward the manifestation of your desire. You feel that something bad or wrong has happened and you choose a limited perspective. From that lower perspective, you feel fear. The feeling of fear can be identified as loneliness, apathy, anger, or any emotion. It doesn't matter; it's still a fearful perspective. If you did not feel fear, you would be able to maintain the proper perspective and you would have no need of an indication that you were out of alignment. So the only way a manifestation event can occur is if you feel fear. Reduce the fear and you will feel less and less negative emotion, which by definition means that you are on your path more of the time and you are resisting less and less of the time.

You were led to us. This is a wonderful manifestation. You had interest in what we talk about and one interest led to another until you reached the vibration of us. That is wonderful, wouldn't you agree? But why are you interested in learning how to consciously create your own reality? Did something happen in your youth? Did a friend tell you about Law of Attraction? Or are you relearning something you already knew? Are you coming here to do more than simply study the laws of the universe? Is there a bigger plan for you? Did you intend for this to happen prior to your birth? Does it really matter at this point?

You are where you are and this is the perfect place to start. Everything you want is there waiting for you to come into vibrational alignment with it. You know how the system works and now you're going to learn to approach life in a way that works within that system. Excellent. Was this path predestined? Maybe so, but now that you're here, what's next for you?