Emma Question #59


Hi Joshua,

I have thought/read a lot about how everything I experience is just a reflection of my own vibration the last couple of days and I think my understanding of it has reached another level. I see myself as just being in a white room and my vibration is a projector, projecting everything onto the walls, creating my reality. It's all just an illusion, there isn't actually a world out there behind what I can see, and as I move around I am really just staying in this same white room but experiencing the feeling of moving through a world.

All of the people I talk to are just reflections of myself, even you guys. I know other consciousnesses do exist, but I can only perceive them in a way that is a reflection of my own energy, as nothing can enter my reality that is not my own energy. So really I am just talking to myself. It's like a dream. I do like this idea because it really stops me from caring about maintaining a persona when I imagine I'm just talking to other versions of myself. However, there is a part of this idea that just feels lonely! I am only ever surrounded by my own energy so I am always just by myself in my own little reality! And if we all come from one main source, that source is by itself too. It just seems lonely. This doesn't feel good, so obviously my inner being doesn't agree and there is another way I could look at this. Thoughts?


Dear Emma,

We would not want to rob you of the enjoyment of this very intricate and fun illusion, but in essence, you are exactly right. It's like going to a movie and watching the story unfold on the screen. You enjoy being caught up in the immersive experience of the film, but you know it is an illusion. The film seems to be moving, but it's all happening in your minds as one individual photograph is being shown on the screen in a sequence. Each frame is unique and independent, but together, they give the illusion of movement. You do not care about this, you simply enjoy watching the movie.

It's interesting to note that you usually go to the movies with someone else. You sit there in the darkness and each of you is perceiving the movie in a unique way. You are together, but that doesn't really matter, since the other people have little impact on your perception of the film. You could just as easily go alone, but somehow, the shared experience of the movie is fun. You might like the movie more than the other person because you came to the movie with different expectations, but, in the end, it is all just perception.

You enter reality with others, yet your perception of reality is unique to you and it doesn't matter what the other person is perceiving. You hope they have a good time and get what they want out of the experience, but like going to a movie together, you have no control over the other person's enjoyment of the film. Sometimes they go to movies you like just to be with you. It's like that in physical reality too.

This experience of life from the nonphysical perspective is like going to a movie. In fact, it's like being in a movie. It's like being the lead actor in the best movie ever where the lead actor doesn't realize it's a movie. He thinks it's real. Those in nonphysical are watching and enjoying the movie very much and they are rooting for you, the star of the movie. They are hoping you get everything you want and that at the end of the movie you live happily ever after.

You don't realize you're the star of your movie, but you are. We may have mentioned this before, but you're also the writer and director. You can create whatever movie you like. Since it's all an illusion, you can write it in a way that is most interesting and fun to you. Sure there will be challenges, but that's where the fun comes in. The tragedy would be for you not to realize that you the creator of the movie. The drama is that you are now learning that you are the creator of your reality, but will you use what you know to create the story that we all want to watch, or will you play it safe? Either way, it's an interesting movie that you're making and we're all glued to the screen watching intently as you make your way through life living more and more consciously and becoming more and more awake and aware.

You are never alone. You can never be alone. You can feel lonely if you like, but that would make no sense. Source never feels lonely. Loneliness stems from fear. There is no fear in Source, therefore there can be no such feeling as loneliness. That too is an illusion create by the writer of your story. She has got some imagination, hasn't she?

With our love,
We are Joshua