Emma Question #57


Hi Joshua,

I am slowly starting to trust that the universe can bring me what I want more and more! Lately, I have been really wanting to get a MacBook Pro so I have been visualizing already having one. Today a guy at work asked me if I want to buy a ticket for a raffle, and all 5 prizes are apple products. The first prize is an iMac. I thought "oooh I'd love one of those" and got excited about the idea of winning. Then as I was thinking about it later I realised this is "driftwood" for my manifestation of a MacBook (because an iMac would be just as exciting).

So I got excited about the idea of this being a sign my MacBook is on its way. Then later on when I was looking at the raffle poster again, I noticed the first prize said "optional upgrade to MacBook Pro". I hadn't noticed that before and took it as another sign that I am getting closer to manifesting one! I know I don't have to attach to winning this raffle in order to get one, but it's nice to think about it anyway and it has demonstrated to me that the universe can bring me things I want in ways that I never would have thought of myself!


Dear Emma,

Isn't it interesting that the universe has the power to bring you all that you want and that from your perspective, you cannot even begin to imagine all the different avenues? Yet, you still try to figure out how something is supposed to come. Winning a raffle is one way to receive that which you want. However, if you do not think that is a good way, you won't buy a raffle ticket. You allowed that avenue to remain a possibility when you followed your inspiration to buy the ticket. Not buying the ticket would be resistance based in fear, buying the ticket was an act of following inspiration and an act of faith. It may not lead to the winning of the prize, but it will be for your benefit in some way.

There are infinite ways the universe may bring you what you want. You will be inspired to take action that will open up more and more avenues and by doing this, you make the manifestation of your desires so much easier. Your work is to maintain your good-feeling state of being, receive inspiration to act, push through any irrational fear, and take action. When you expect that what you want will come, you release resistance. When you realize that you cannot know how it will come, you place faith in the universe. When it does come, you'll think, "wow, that is really cool how I created (allowed) it."

You need not control anything other than your emotional state of being, your enthusiasm for life, your set of beliefs, and your positive expectations. When you do that, you make the universe's job so very easy.

With love,
We are Joshua