Emma Question #55


Hi Joshua,

If our inner being is focusing on everything we want and growing a large amount of moment towards these things, how are we able to go against such a strong pull with our negative focus? Wouldn't it be strong enough to just carry us forward anyway?


Dear Emma,

Yes, the pull toward that which you want is very strong. We would say that most of what you want comes to you easily for there is little resistance and so the natural power of the universe allows you to manifest most things and that is very good. It is only when resistance is very strong that you hold yourself apart from that which you want. For instance, every single meal you've ever eaten was manifested by the universe and you allowed it to be manifested in your reality because there was little to no resistance.

You create your reality. You inner self does not create your reality, however it does know exactly what you want and so its job is to guide you there. It does this by holding onto the perspective in the moment that aligns fully with what you want. When your perspective is different than your inner self's perspective, you will be notified in the moment by a negative emotion. That's how you know there is some resistance there. The resistance is always fear and the fear is what is holding you back from manifesting what you want.

The key to manifesting anything you desire is to overcome fear. You will never really become fearless, but you can become one who rationally analyzes fear and then realizes that most of it is irrational. If it is irrational, it is illusory. It is not real. You can push past it and do whatever you are inspired to do. Your inner self is fearless because there's nothing to fear in the nonphysical and so it never loses focus on what is wanted and how to get there. You feel fear and you often succumb to it and this causes you to adopt a limited perspective on the subject at hand. This is resistance.

The universe is powerful, but so are you. Since you have free will you can go with the flow of life and be swept by the currents toward that which you want. It is supposed to be effortless by design. Yet you spend most of your time paddling upstream and fighting the current. You do this because of fear, but the fear is irrational. You assume that if you simply go with the flow of life and drift easily and effortlessly downstream, there might be a waterfall waiting for you. So you paddle frantically upstream trying to avoid this nonexistent waterfall. That's why we call the fear of anything that cannot hurt you, "irrational." Believing there's a waterfall downstream when you can't see very far downstream is irrational. Why not give up your resistance and admit that the universe is a loving place where all your needs are provided for when you need them. The animals do this; why not the humans?

With our love,
We are Joshua