Emma Question #54


Hi Joshua,

I hear "rise of the divine feminine" being talked about a lot lately. Can you please speak to me about this? What is the difference between feminine and masculine energies? Why is there a difference when we all come from the same source? Are both equally as powerful? Why does there appear to be more women interested in this Joshua stuff than men?

I have heard that feminine energy is all about sitting back and receiving, attracting things to you, whereas masculine energy is about going out and making things happen. From these descriptions, it sounds like feminine energy is going with the laws of the universe and masculine energy is going against them!

Interested to hear your thoughts on this.


Dear Emma,

You choose the time and place of your birth, your parents, and your body for the purposes of launching you on a trajectory toward that which you came here to explore. You might choose to be male or female. Sometimes you choose to be male because there is an aspect of physical reality that you are interested in and it will be easier to approach it from the male perspective. Sometimes you choose to be female because the subject requires the female perspective in order to be fully explored. However, the energies are derived from source and it is simply the perspective that is different.

The reason you are unique to all the universe is so that you can view life in a way that has never been explored before. The reason time and space exist in physical reality is so that your perspective can change with every movement and every moment. It is all a matter of perspective.

Certainly there are tendencies that exist for males, females, gay, transgender, and those on the autistic spectrum. It is all a matter of perspective. Coming to earth to explore reality in a unique way requires the potential for infinite perspectives. We would not say that one gender has the predisposition to be more allowing than another, but we might say that females tend to naturally have the desire for harmony and peace. However, the approach to life of an allower can be achieved by anyone when one is interested in the subject of harmony and ease.

There is nothing wrong with making things happen and some men tend to create their own realities by focusing on what is wanted, while some women react to the observation of the conditions that exist and complain about those conditions. And vice versa. Either approach can be resistant or allowing, so the perspective does not matter when it comes to seeking truth, it's all about the desire.

Many of those who seek this information come to it through the desire to alter their conditions. They want to learn to consciously create their reality because they do not like their current reality. The desire led them to these teachings, but now they must alter their approach to life in order to focus on what is wanted rather than to change something they don't like. It is always the desire that leads them to whatever it is they find. Once they get here, they will either allow the message to sink in (at least some of it) or they will resist it in some way.

The interesting thing is that our message resonates with many people depending on their pre-existing set of beliefs. If what we say aligns with their current beliefs, then we are accepted. However, if what we say does not align with other beliefs, they either miss the information completely or reject it. That is why those who gain the most from these teachings have highly malleable beliefs. You might call them optimistic, credulous, open-minded, or even gullible. We would call them accepting and interested. And many, many people simply remember this information. It's as if they knew it all along.

The Law of Attraction will lead you to where you want to go. Law of Attraction led you to us. It was all based on a desire. Without the desire, you could not have been led to this information. Without the desire, you could not understand what we have to say. You birthed a desire (either prior to your birth or somewhere along the way) and you allowed yourself to find us and to dive into the deep end of this pool of knowledge. You must be an allowing person to allow yourself to be altered in such a way that your vibration raised high enough to resonate with us. Is it because you have special female energy, or is it because you have strong desire? The desire brings in the energy of the universe and the gender allows you to perceive your reality in a unique way.

With our love,
We are Joshua