Emma Question #53


Hi Joshua,

Sometimes I find myself in situations where I am with a group of people, sitting at a table for example, and there is an awkward silence. I feel so uncomfortable in these moments and want to start more conversation, but I can never think of anything to say. Then I feel like the other people will be judging me for being quiet and not saying anything. What can I do in this sort of situation?


Dear Emma,

Don't say anything if you feel awkward. The feeling of awkwardness is a low emotional state of being. It is below the emotional line. In this state, you attract thoughts and ideas that resonate with this lower state of being. You will naturally attract thoughts that make you feel awkward. You attract a physical representation of how you are feeling. You might say something that is likely to cause you to feel even more awkward. Instead, try something different: get yourself above the emotional line.

If you are feeling awkward, or boring, or bored, or frustrated or any other loweremotional feeling, do only one thing: get yourself to a better feeling place by consciously reaching for better feeling thoughts. Think about how nice it is to be relaxing with a group of friends. Think about how much you like these people. Think about the environment and how nice it is. Think about how good you feel in this environment. Notice all the wonderful aspects of the environment. Think about how you are communicating with everyone, even when you are not talking. Think about being confident. Be confident because you understand how this system really works.

You know that you attract thoughts that resonate with your state of being. You know that if someone says something funny or smart, they are in a high emotional state of being. You know that if someone says something mean, or complains, or gets offended by something someone else says, they are simply in a low emotional state of being. You understand that it is how you feel that attracts thoughts that resonate with these feelings. Feel good and you will be inspired by thoughts and ideas that feel good. From the higher emotional state of being, you will be inspired to say something inspiring. Until then; enjoy the silence.