Emma Question #52


Hi Joshua,

Tonight I noticed a cleaning product leaking everywhere on my kitchen bench where I had left it and spilling all over my floor. It got all over a gift card I bought my friend as a gift for her wedding tomorrow and also my wallet. Then, as I was trying to clean it up I somehow knocked over my big expensive jar of organic coconut oil and it fell to the floor and smashed - glass everywhere. What's going on for me to manifest that? My sister messaged me earlier telling me she was crying because she dropped her new iPhone she had just bought today and it smashed. I felt so sad for her. Could me feeling that emotion cause me to manifest my own mishaps tonight?


Dear Emma,

When you read that your sister accidentally smashed her phone, you felt negative emotion. Certainly, that might seem reasonable given the momentum created by your old approach to life. Something happens and you judge it as bad or wrong. However, there is no bad or wrong anywhere in the universe. Your perspective is different than the higher perspective held by your inner self and that's why you felt negative emotion.

You may be asking what the higher perspective is and how on earth are you supposed to be able to automatically adopt that perspective when it is obvious that something bad happened. If there is no bad or wrong, then why did your sister drop her phone? If there is no bad or wrong, then why did stuff leak all over your gift card and wallet and why did the jar smash? It is simply a response to the vibration your sister and you were emitting. The vibrational response is perfect because it is always a match. There was something in your sister's vibration that caused her to drop her phone and there was something in your vibration that caused stuff to spill onto your gift card and wallet and for the glass jar to smash on the floor. The events gave rise to your question and if you can understand this answer, you will raise your own vibration.

In your case, you felt sadness for your sister believing that the damage to her phone was a terrible thing and you hoped something like that would not happen to you. The problem with that kind of statement is the "would not" part, because the universe does not understand "not" and so the attention is placed on the wrongness part and the wrongness part is manifested.

In the new approach to life, you understand that everything is happening for a reason. You do not simply jump to conclusions and announce to the universe that you see how wrong something is. You take a higher perspective and you see how it might be right for the person experiencing it, but that is something you personally do not prefer. You do not see anyone as a victim, but the creator of their reality. You always choose the highest perspective possible. In that way you can see everything as right and so your vibration stays aligned with what is wanted and does not get muddled with the vibration of what you consider wrong.

Your sister dropped her phone. This is in direct response to her vibration. It is perfect. You cannot see how it is perfect because you cannot know what is going on in her vibration. All you can know is that this manifestation event is for her direct benefit and highest good. Something good will come of it or at least the potential for change and progress is available to her. She can either go with it and alter her limiting beliefs or resist it and create a desire for something more. That is for her to figure out, not for you to worry about.

Remember, the only reason you want her to feel good is so that you can feel good. You can feel good if you can see it from the higher perspective. You can choose to resist this if you want, but then you know what kind of things happen when you add resistance to your vibration.

With love for you,
We are Joshua