Emma Question #51


Hi Joshua,

There is this guy at work who me and my other work friend always bitch about. I guess it's a way we bond, but I'm worried what message it's sending in my vibration. Our boss actually really likes this guy and talks about how good he is all the time, and I guess it makes me feel threatened? It's like there is some sort of competition I am wanting to win. When I notice this, I tell myself that my boss or this guy have no power to create in my reality and I am responsible for my own success, and someone else's success doesn't limit mine; but it keeps coming up so I guess I have more stuff to clear around this!


Dear Emma,

The only way you could not appreciate someone is due to some irrational fear. If the fear is great, the response is strong, such as hate. If the fear is small, the response might be irritation or annoyance. It is all due to fear. If you feel threatened, that is a fear and you project your fear onto this person and in doing so his negative features are highlighted in your perception of him. However, your perception of him, and everyone else, is always clouded by your own irrational fears and limiting beliefs. You actually do not perceive him in the same way your boss or anyone else perceives him. It is simply a unique perception of reality based on your conglomeration of beliefs, fears and desires and your perception of who you think you are.

For instance, this guy's mother perceives him differently than you. His friends perceive him differently than you. You already know that your boss perceives him differently. Why is that? Because he is being perceived through the lens of each individual perceiver and since they are all unique, he is unique to each of them. His perception of himself, i.e. his persona, is quite a bit different than how you see him and is far different than who he really is. He, like you, is really a limitless being of pure positive love.

Without fear, you would perceive him in a much more positive light. Does he cause you to feel fear consciously? Probably not. You are unconsciously feeling fear and asking him to be different than he is so that you can feel better about yourself. You see, he is not creating in your reality; you are. You are choosing your perspective and your opinion and this is how you unconsciously create your reality. We say unconsciously, because we know that you understand the mechanism of physical reality and that you already know what to do. When you do not do what you know to be purposeful and meaningful within this reality, you do it out of unconscious reaction or habit. If you were consciously creating your reality, you would identify your fear and choose an empowering perspective. This would be in alignment with who you really are and what you really want.

You are a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. In order to be who you really are, you must be free from the causality of fear. You will never be rid of fear, but you can control its influence over your perception. We will tell you this: free from fear, you would love this person. If you were stranded on a deserted island and had all you needed to survive and thrive and fear was not present, you would love him and he would love you. We are talking about spiritual love and not necessarily romantic love, but given the circumstances, that would not be out of the question.

You are eternally linked to everyone you know. You came here to play roles so you could explore certain dynamics of physical reality. He's playing a role for you and you are playing one as well. You can improve your role by reducing the effects of irrational fear and evolve to the next level of awareness. This is how you consciously create the reality you prefer.

With our love,
We are Joshua