Emma Question #48


Hi Joshua,

The one person who triggers me more than my mother is my sister. She recently was really rude to me so I haven't messaged her in a few days. She has always been really rude to me, making me feel wrong for everything I do, be or say. I now realize she is just acting as s mirror for me, and is giving me a taste of how mean I have been to myself.

But I have a trip away coming up soon with the family and I just don't know how to act around her. I want to ignore her, but I know that's me just wanting to protect my ego and is not being who I really am. But I don't think I should have to put up with someone being so horrible to me all the time either, so I don't know what to do!


Dear Emma,

How fortunate you are to have such a wonderful mirror so close to you. You know that you chose her for the exact representation of you that she is. You chose each other so you could be launched on a trajectory to discover who you really are. You can say that many of your insecurities and feelings of unworthiness came as a result of this ongoing interaction with your sister. How wonderful! This is exactly what you intended prior to your birth. You adopted feelings of insecurity and unworthiness so that you would be driven to discover who you really are. If it was not for your sister, you might not have found us. Thanks goodness for her, however her job is now over.

You no longer need your sister to trigger you so that you can feel fear and identify your limiting beliefs. You've done enough of this already. You no longer need her to make you wrong so that you could discover your worthiness. You understand now that the only way you could consider her wrong is if you felt fear. There's no longer anything to fear from your sister. Therefore, any fear you feel is irrational and false. Remember, that if she triggers you, it's just fear. Remind yourself that the fear is not real and forgive her because she is only playing the role you both chose before coming to physical reality.

If you are to manifest your desires, you must change who you are being and transform yourself into who you want to be. It is that simple. If you are going to live by the old approach to life, you will continue to react negatively to your sister and call her wrong, rude, inappropriate, etc. Until you come to understand that she is right just as she is and she is never ever being wrong or rude in any way, you will be stuck in your same rut.

You won't be able to move on to become who you really are. You won't be able to manifest the life you truly desire.

Think of this trip with your family as a test of your newly acquired point of perception. Hopefully, this conversation with us has led you to adopt a higher perspective on life. You are able to speak to yourself in a more empowering way. You understand the purpose of manifestation events. You know the difference between limiting and beneficial beliefs. You know how the universe works. So why not put what you know into action? Why not approach your sister and your family from a new direction? Instead of constantly feeling fear and being on guard, why not practice acceptance and love.

You have a choice: love or fear. You have a choice: defensiveness or acceptance. Which do you want to practice during this trip? Wouldn't it be fun to be totally different than who you normally are for just this one trip? Wouldn't that be interesting and fun?

When you change your approach to your environment, you change the environment. Nothing real is happening other than what you are perceiving. If you perceive it differently, it will be different. That's how you make the changes necessary to receive all that you want. See the conditions as right, intend to adopt the higher perspective, and watch how well everything goes. You will be triggered, but you do not have to react. It's just irrational fear.

You would not want your sister to be different than she is because if she were, she would not be a vibrational match to you. If she wasn't a match, she would not exist in your life. At times you might wonder if her being in your life is a good thing or a bad thing, but you must know by now that it is a very good thing. This is exactly what both of you intended before your entry into physical reality. Don't ask her to be different than she is. That is the old approach to life. It is your job to perceive her in a way that makes you feel better. It is your job to become aware of your fears. It is your responsibility to react with love and not fear. It is her job to trigger you.

She does not mean to be rude, she is simply trying to control the outer conditions so she can feel good. She is not aware of her own emotions and what they are trying to tell her. She is just reacting unconsciously. Don't fall for it. Understand that it is her fear causing her to behave from a lower emotional state of being. You can either make her fear more intense by reacting to her and making her wrong, or you can dismiss the conflict by saying "You're right. I apologize." You don't need her to accept you or show you love. You must accept her and yourself and simply express your love fearlessly and confidently.

We look forward to hearing about how wonderfully you handled your trip with your family. We hope you will set your intentions and pre-pave your path prior to embarking on this wonderful adventure with those you truly love and who are connected to eternally.

With our eternal love for you,
We are Joshua