Emma Question #46


Hi Joshua,

In your last answer you said there are two paths to choose from after a manifestation event - creation of a desire or expanding joyously. I am just wondering, if you take the expanding joyously path, are desires still created??


Dear Emma,

You cannot stop birthing desires. Usually, you are simply reiterating old desires in a new or modified way. You have birthed so many desires by now that they should keep you busy for two or three lifetimes. What we think you might consider is actually manifesting those desires.

This reality was designed to make you a master manifestor. It is a reality where you can practice focusing your thoughts and coming into alignment with what you want. It is one where you can learn to maintain your emotional state of being, receive inspiration, and follow through to the manifestation of each and every desire you ever create. But what most of you do is create the desire and then complain that it hasn't manifested yet. Your resistance is due to irrational fear.

You fear that you are not ready for your desire, and we must agree. You think that you must make it happen before you're ready. You don't really understand the manifestation process. You do not understand that this is a reality where everything is attracted and you get to choose what comes to you by the focus of your attention and the maintenance of your vibration. The issue we see is that you aren't always truthful about what it is you really want. You have been conditioned by your society to believe that certain aspirations are good and everything else is not so good or even bad. However, this is not the design of the system.

This system is deigned to give you a unique experience. You are unique and you came here to experience reality in a way that has never been experienced before. You can have, be, and do anything you want in this reality and you have chosen certain aspects so that you would be sent on a trajectory to what you specifically wanted to explore. The desires you truly have are not like anyone else's desires. What you want to experience is something that has never been experienced before. Too often you are looking at others and are envious of their lives, yet you truly do not want any of that. What you want can only come to you. So think about what it is that you really want without giving any consideration to what others may think, say, judge, or react. It has nothing to do with them, it has only to do with you.

If you did not care about how you were perceived, what would you want? Who would you be? What would you do? What would be interesting to you? What would be fun? What would be exciting? That's what you are here to discover, not anything else. When you think you want something because it will make you feel normal or worthy, you are asking for something that the universe cannot give. You must feel good and worthy first and then focus on what would satisfy you as a worthy being. You must be selfish and only think about what it is you want. You must be introspective and come to discover who you are and why you're here. Don't waste time trying to get respect or admiration from others. Don't give any of that a second thought. Instead go within and find something that moves you. Move in that direction and all that you ever want will start floating to the surface and begin manifesting one by one by one, forever and ever. Take the path of expanding in joy and you will reach the vibrational vicinity of every desire.

With our endless love,
We are Joshua