Emma Question #45


Hi Joshua,

I have noticed that whenever I get to a place of feeling happy, excited and trusting in the universe, when my vibration gets quite high and I'm just walking around smiling to myself, a couple of days later it's like BAM - I discover a whole new layer of limiting beliefs and fears to work through. Is this just how the process always works?


Dear Emma,

Think of your life of expansion through experience as an ascension to higher and higher vibrational stages. You are a highly aware being who has come to earth in this incarnation as Emma to explore reality in a way that has never been explored before. You are unique and what you are here to explore and how you choose to explore it is unique as well. It is a very fun and exciting thing to do and as you adjust your vibration upwards and upwards, you go through a cycle. The cycle might start with contrast. You hit something and feel some negative emotion. This is a manifestation event. The manifestation event alerts you to the presence of a limiting belief based in a fear. You have the opportunity to analyze the fear and reduce its intensity, or not. Either way, you will expand. You expand with each new experience, one way or the other. You can expand through contrast in misery and this will help you birth new desires, or you can expand through contrast in joy, and this will move you to the next step.

Let's see if we can give you an analogy that will capture this concept in physical terms you can relate to. Imagine you are walking down a path and you come to a fork in the road. The fork is a manifestation event. If you choose a limited perspective and feel negative emotion, you have uncovered a limiting belief and an irrational fear. If you say that the event was wrong or the people in the event were wrong, you choose the contrast in misery route and you go on to the path of "The Creation of New Desires." If you choose to analyze the fear, find evidence that it is false, prove to yourself it is false, and reduce the intensity of the fear, you go on the path of "Expansion in Joy."

Both paths are created from the expansion of you caused by the manifestation event. You expand by the manifestation event, but how you choose to process the event determines which path you take. The birthing new desires path is good because it's good to birth new desires. The joyous expansion in path is good because it allows you to move toward what is wanted without needing to experience the same manifestation event over and over forever. Plus it feels better to linger in positive emotion rather than negative emotion.

You are on a never-ending path of expansion. This is why you came. All expansion is good, however you intended to expand in joy. You can choose how you will experience expansion and now that you know all of this, there's really only one choice. You are new to the process of analyzing your fears and so as you get better and better you will face newer and possibly more intense manifestation events because you will be rapidly expanding and perfectly able to process each new fear that arises. Once you reduce the intensity of a fear, you move to a new level where new fears are waiting to be uncovered.

Fear creates limitations in most people's lives. The fear is limiting and so to avoid fear, they live sheltered and safe lives. However, the fear is irrational and false. Once you prove this to yourself, you can face negative emotion and bravely process the fear and reduce its effect on your life and become more limitless.

There is not limit to what you can do in this reality other than the limitations you impose on yourself. Choose to see everything from the higher perspective, choose to analyze your fears and determine if they are rational or not, and free yourself from your own limitations, and then do whatever it is you are inspired to do.

We are focused on the most amazing experience of life for you,
We are Joshua