Emma Question #44


Hi Joshua,

It happened again! Today a lady asked me if I got myself a boyfriend over Christmas and then told me both her daughters did. I dipped into feeling inadequate again briefly, and was disappointed because something I want seems to happen so easily and frequently for other people, but not me. Then I felt frustrated with myself for feeling like this again! I thought the manifestation event yesterday and my subsequent analysis helped to clear this up, but its popping up again the next day! What does it mean if it keeps popping up? That I didn't clear my limiting beliefs properly? Or there are more fears I didn't recognise yesterday? Or is it just a test to see how I would react this time?


Dear Emma,

Yes, another manifestation event on the very same topic. How wonderful! The process of analyzing your fears and reducing their intensity is a simple one, and you can see the progress you've made by comparing the two manifestation events just a day apart. Isn't the universe fantastic!

Try to remember the intensity of your emotion during the first manifestation event and then compare it to the emotion you felt the next day. Was there a difference? Was the negative emotion more or less intense during the second manifestation event? If it was less intense, then your work was successful. You can not obliterate the limiting belief completely. Once it exists, it always exists in some form. All you can do is reduce the intensity of the fear at the basis of your limiting belief. Did you do that? Was there a noticeable difference?

Now, if you were to encounter the very same manifestation event today, how would you feel. Do you think your emotion would be similar or would it be less intense? If it is less intense, then bravo, you did the work. That's all you need to do. Each time this event comes up for you, you will feel less intense negative emotion. One day, when someone asks you if you found a boyfriend, you will feel very little if any emotion and that is a sign of the work you've done. When you can feel that way, then you know that the mate you truly desire is right around the corner.

With our love for you,
We are Joshua