Emma Question #43


Hi Joshua,

I had a manifestation event today and I tried my best to react positively. A guy at work said to me "so have you got yourself a boyfriend yet?" And when I replied "no" he said "are you getting close?" And I replied "ummm not really" lol. The feeling I defaulted to after this was feeling inadequate for not having a boyfriend and worrying that this guy will think something is wrong with me. So I did my best to analyse this in my head and switch back to a better-feeling perspective. I must say that I find it harder to do in my head because I get distracted and start thinking about other things, but when I write it out I am able to focus better.

So the higher perspective I choose to take is that this manifestation event was a good thing, because it showed me where I still have some fear going on. Fear of people thinking there is something wrong with me (and I guess a fear that there actually is something wrong with me). This event was just a reflection of that. But I now know that there is nothing wrong with me, I simply haven't been a vibrational match to a relationship in the past but I am working on becoming a match to it now and getting closer and closer every day. It is a good thing that I haven't been a match because it lead to me getting interested in LOA. If I start believing I am perfect as I am, that is what will be reflected back to me. I need not worry if someone thinks there is something wrong with me, because that is just them viewing me through their own limiting beliefs and is not a true reflection of me. I will never know what someone is thinking anyway, so I may as well presume they are thinking something good. Maybe the guy doesn't think there is anything wrong with me at all, and instead was glad to hear that I am single. Or maybe he thinks "good on her for not settling down at a young age and instead living life for herself". There is nothing wrong with being single at my age and it is actually fun to get to have interactions with different guys. I choose to appreciate the good aspects of my life right now, while looking forward to the desires that are on their way.

Hopefully I will be even better at reacting positively in the moment next time something like this happens!


Dear Emma,

The perspective you have consciously chosen is in perfect alignment with how your inner self sees the very same thing. It is perfectly aligned with who you really are. It is perfectly aligned with your desire. This perspective is the perspective you must maintain so that you can become a vibrational match to the desire you hold. In fact, this ability you have to find the higher perspective on any subject will be tremendously helpful in reaching vibrational alignment with anything you ever desire. Bravo!

The fear that there is something wrong with you is irrational and false. You've proven that. The belief that having a hot guy as a boyfriend will make you worthy is limiting and false. You are already worthy and you do not need people to believe you are worthy. When you take the worthiness factor out of the equation, you can substitute a more vibrationally effective statement, such as - "I choose to love and to be loved. I choose to share my life with someone that I love. I choose to experience the adventure of life with someone who enjoys life and is filled with joy as much as I am. I don't need anyone to make me happy, for I am already happy and my happiness is not contingent on any other person, I simply enjoy the fun of co-creating within the playground called Earth with another person."

The manifestation event pointed out a limiting belief and the fear that supports that belief. The belief is that "my status depends on the whether or not I am in a relationship and it also depends on the apparent quality of the guy. Without these things, I am not worthy for there is no proof of my worthiness. The relationship and the guy will be the evidence that I can show to prove my worthiness to others. Once I get the approval of others, then I will feel good." This is a limiting belief and if you attract a mate from this point of attraction, you will not feel worthy. The evidence will in fact point out that you still do not feel worthy. So it is a good thing indeed that you have not attracted a mate yet. Your vibration is quite different from your true desire.

This is the perfect example of how the analysis of a manifestation event can lead to the conscious shift in vibration and put you back on track. Yes, it is difficult to maintain your composure in the middle of a manifestation event. When you feel negative emotion, you tend to automatically dip into a lower emotional state of being. From this lower level, you naturally attract negative thoughts that are a vibrational match to your low-emotional state of being. You lack the focus necessary to reach for better-feeling thoughts in the moment. This will come with practice and a higher level of conscious awareness. Keep meditating and you will soon have much more control over the thoughts you think.

Intellectually, you understand that you are worthy. Now you must come to feel yourself as worthy. You must come to know that you are perfect in this moment and that you are evolving to something more in every subsequent moment. How you feel about yourself will inform your vibration and your point of attraction. Confidence is the best way to come into the feeling of worthiness. Become confident in who you are now and also in who you are becoming. Believe that people think highly of you because that is the truth. You are the most wonderful person in the world and all of the other wonderful people can see that.

With our intense joy and excitement for you,
We are Joshua