Emma Question #42


Hi Joshua,

In my last answer, you said that it is my reaction to things in the moment that creates my reality. As I keep on analyzing manifestation events and finding better perspectives, will I get better at reacting positively to things in the moment? Is it just momentum that has to slowly turn around?


Dear Emma,

Currently, you observe events in your outer world and you make judgments. When something appears to be good, you feel positive emotion. The perspective that you chose as a reaction to the event was the reaction that was formed by looking at the subject from the higher perspective. It is the same perspective that your inner self chose on this subject. You are in agreement. This reaction is aligned with what you want. This reaction brings more of what you want into your reality. You saw it as a good thing and so you bring more of it into your life. You could have seen it as a bad thing and the negative aspect of it would then flow into your life.

For instance, you are given a compliment by a man and you react. The same words could be spoken by two different men with exactly the same meaning and sincerity. But when you look at each man, you make a judgment. From one man you accept the compliment and feel good. From the other man you judge the compliment as inappropriate or creepy and you feel negative emotion. The compliment was the same, but your reaction was different based on your observation. What causes the difference? It can only be one thing: fear.

Fear creeps in at the moment of observation. You are so used to judging things as good or bad in the moment. Fear causes you to believe that something is bad. When you analyze it, you can see that the fear is irrational, you can find evidence to prove the fear is false, you can reduce the intensity of the fear, and you can push past the fear. This is all good, but can you do this in the moment?

We will say that you create your future by your reaction to the present. Strong emotion causes desires to be born and this sets the universe in motion. However, you can offset this creation to a degree by analyzing the reaction after the fact. It is part of the process of alignment. You know that your reaction was caused by fear and so in the moment you reacted in a way that was not beneficial. However, you can think about it after the fact and then analyze your response. You can understand that the fear was false and this reduces the strength of the fear so that next time you will not react so strongly or impulsively.

However, there is great benefit to reacting positively to situations and events that bring up old fears in the moment the fear arises. It is good to put yourself in situations that cause irrational fear to flare up and then to be present and realize that there is no reason to judge the event as wrong. When you can pour love into the situation and not judge it or react to it by responding to urges, you will have set a new trajectory for the future. You will have responded proactively to the situation and maintained your focus on what was wanted and what feels good. You will have consciously chosen the higher perspective. When you can do this, the universe will respond and your world will change for the better. This is the art of being who you really are in the moment. There is nothing more powerful or more creative than that.

You are love and you are loved,
We are Joshua