Emma Question #41


Hi Joshua,

I definitely didn't ignore the fact that me seeing that picture was a manifestation event, and I journaled about it the next night. I think writing my limiting beliefs out from scratch again will be good though and help me go a bit deeper!

1. Seeing the picture of him with another girl made me believe the outcome I was hoping for with this guy could no longer happen. I was attached to a specific outcome again. Why was I attached to that outcome? Well I guess I was impatient and just was wanting him to be the one. Instead of letting a situation unfold however it would, I was wanting it to go exactly like I had planned in my head. I wasn't letting go and trusting that the universe can develop a much better plan of bringing a relationship into my life than I can. I guess attaching to a specific outcome underlies a fear that I may never get what I want. This is not true. The universe is working to make me a match to all that I want. This situation was a stepping stone to becoming a match to what I want, so it is a good thing. Obviously I am not a match to this guy, but I was a match to having him highlight these limiting beliefs to me.

2. That I am not skinny enough. Because this guy is very fit and his ex was very skinny, I believe he will only want to be with a really skinny girl. This is silly because I am presuming all fit guys only want to be with skinny girls, which I can prove false simply by looking out at the world and all the couples I see. Or noticing all the other guys who are attracted to me. Also, that is saying that guys just want to be with an object rather than a person. They are looking for someone who makes them feel a certain way, not a skinny person. And I am normal weight anyway, there is nothing wrong with my body.

3. That I am not an interesting enough person. That the snaps I sent him, the elements of my life I shared, were somehow wrong. This is silly because everybody is unique, worthy and deserving of love. I am awesome just the way I am. And how could I have all of my friendships, some lasting basically my whole life, if I wasn't an interesting enough person? I am currently visiting a friend in QLD and she was so excited to have me come up here and spend time with her. It's time to own the person I am and realise there is nothing about me that is wrong or needs to change.

4. That this was somehow a rejection of me. Just because he has started dating another girl does not mean that I have been rejected. And I can't actually be rejected anyway. My outside reality is always just a mirror of my own beliefs, so I am the only person who can reject me.

5. That I need to control how he perceives me. I can never control what someone thinks of me so I need to let go of trying to do this and let people think whatever they want. My perception of what people think of my is just based in my own beliefs anyway.

6. That if I get excited about something, it won't work out. I know this isn't true because there are things in life I have got excited about that did work out, like getting my job.

7. That I might not find someone else, or might have to wait ages. Well this is saying that I am a victim of reality and things just happen to me, which is not true, because I am the creator of my reality. The responsibility is all on me. I get to have good feeling things come into my life when I start feeling good more. I am working on becoming a vibrational match to an amazing relationship, and Joshua are helping me get there!

Ok, I think that's it for the limiting beliefs around this manifestation event! I think sometimes I worry that I don't analyse them good enough.


Dear Emma,

What you have done is consciously and rationally analyzed your limiting beliefs. By writing them down, you could see that they were all irrational and false. You could see the fear that caused them to be created and you found enough evidence to prove to yourself that the fears are false. That is a very good thing indeed. You have just reduced the intensity of some very limiting beliefs so much that your reality will begin to change as a result. However, your work is not done.

The fact that you wrote down your limiting beliefs as well as the evidence that they are false means that you are serious about creating the life you prefer. It shows the universe that you recognize that the system is one that will provide you with all that you want as long as you are working with the system and not against it. Your habit is to believe that some of the things you observe in your outer reality and right and other thing s are wrong. That's not the reality of physical reality. You must approach life from the stance that everything is right, everything is good, and everything is happening for your benefit. You must realize that it is your habit to adopt the limited perspective and now you must be aware of that and start reaching for the higher perspective in the moment.

It is your reaction to events in the moment that creates your reality.

If you can react to something you might have perceived as wrong as right, in the moment, you will start to shift your reality in the moment and that is a very powerful thing to do. The universe sees that you are attempting to change your approach to life. Now you must prove it. You must live as if you know how reality works, not just at the theoretical level, but at the practical level as well. You must own what you now know.

You will be tested with another manifestation event and that is a very good thing. You could shy away from your desire because you can't stand the pain of negative emotion or you could look forward to and embrace each new manifestation event. When you have the attitude of embracing new manifestation events and then reacting positively in the moment by instantly adopting the higher perspective, you leverage the forces of the universe and you become a powerful creator.

When you get involved with the next guy and he suddenly shows up with a new girlfriend, you don't say "Oh no, poor me," you say "How wonderful that is for him. He looks happy. I wish him the best. Now I am one step closer to having a wonderful relationship in my life." This is how change is proven. When your reaction is positive rather than negative, you will manifest what you desire quickly and easily because you have adopted a cooperative approach to life and you are displaying full faith in the universe and the system of physical reality.

You are making great progress and we are extremely excited to see what comes next,