Emma Question #40


Hi Joshua,

Feeling frustrated tonight. The snapchat guy posted a pic with another girl in it. So it tells me that obviously he is talking to other girls, but can't be bothered to message me. So I'm done with this shit! It has made me feel like saying: you know what? I am done with guys. I need to give up for a while and focus on cultivating my own self-love. This idea sounds kind of empowering, but since the thought has come from a low-vibrational place, can I trust it?


Dear Emma,

It is true that the idea came from a low-emotional state and that means, like and urge to change conditions, it was designed to move you away from the conditions you do not like, but not necessarily toward the desire you hold. Having sad that, is there any merit to the idea?

Let's imagine that we knew your desire. Let's say that you had the desire to crate a wonderful relationship with another person so that you could share your life with someone you love. Now, how would the universe bring about that desire and manifest it into your reality?

You are not a vibrational match with the kind of person you truly desire and so, thank goodness, that person is not in your life now. In fact, thank goodness that no one is in your life right now because they would be a match to what you are vibrating now and you would not want that. So, in order for you to become a match to the mate you desire, you must be transformed into a version of you who is ready to receive that manifestation. You must change.

The universe knows this and is at work helping you to change. Mostly, your beliefs are being changed. Your desire is being refined. Your attitude and approach to life are evolving. And also remember that every other desire you have is coming to you at the same time. When you find someone you're interested in and something happens to cause you to feel negative emotion, you have entered a manifestation event which is the thing that will help you change if you use it for its intended purpose. The manifestation event can help you mold your beliefs and refine your desire, if you understand the message in the event.

If you feel negative emotions, as you did when you saw that photo, you know you are in a manifestation event and the reason you are there is because you are feeling some irrational fear. The irrational fear is the base of a limiting belief. This limiting belief is standing in the way of you attracting the mate you desire. What is the limiting belief? We could tell you all of your limiting beliefs and to an extent, this might help. But at some point you must learn to identify the limiting (and beneficial) beliefs on your own. Can you determine the limiting belief that caused you to believe that this photo was a bad thing? What was the irrational fear that popped up when you saw the other girl in the photo? What were the words you told yourself? See if you can identify the irrational fear and the limiting belief and tell us what you think they are.

You might come up with a lot of irrational fears. We want you to list them and then write the evidence that proves each fear is false. Do this now and send it to us with your next question.

You are loved and supported and there's nothing to fear,