Emma Question #39


Hi Joshua,

I have had another realization recently. I have realised that when I experience a negative manifestation event, I try to work out where I went wrong to cause it to happen. That means I am labeling the event as wrong and trying to work out how to prevent it from happening again. That's not very allowing! Positive focus can pull us into a manifestation event in order for us to reach the next step, right?

So that means I shouldn't try to work out how to prevent "negative" things from happening. It's never wrong. All I need to do is focus on how I am feeling because of the event, work out the fear and release it, and find a new perspective. I don't need to work out how I manifested something in the first place! The past doesn't matter anyway, all that matters is right now and the momentum my current focus is creating :)


Dear Emma,

That's exactly right. When a manifestation event occurs in your reality, all it is is an opportunity to realign yourself with what is wanted and who you really are. It is a step in the direction of what is wanted. You didn't do anything wrong, in fact you are moving and that is very good. It's just that your focus of attention is not where it should be so that you can receive that which you want.

If you had no desires, then there would be no need for manifestation events. The fact that you have manifestation events means that you have strong desire. You are meant to manifest that which you desire and therefore manifestation events are nothing to worry about, they are simply part of the process. You are being transformed from who you are now to a version of you that is perfectly matched to the desire you hold. If you were a match now, it would exist in your reality now. It is necessary to change and one way to change is through the experience of a manifestation event.

This is the key point here: you must change. You cannot stay the same if you want to become a match to your desire. You must undergo a metamorphosis. What is really going to change? How you feel on the inside. That's all the change that is needed. Your vibration is really the signal you send based on how you feel. Do you feel confident? Then that signal is being sent and others will receive it and act accordingly. Do you feel worthy? If so, that is part of your vibration and the universe sees it and brings you only that which matches your feelings of worthiness. Do you feel intelligent, beautiful, happy, engaging, delightful, spontaneous, free, easy, etc.? If so, your vibration carries this signal and your reality forms to accommodate you in every way based on how you feel. If you encounter a manifestation event, it's because you have an attitude that is at odds with what you really want. Imagine wanting to find a hot guy, yet you don't feel worthy, deserving, or capable of attracting the guy you want. That is because your attitude is not aligned with what you want. You are focused on something that is perceptually flawed, but because you feel this way, the universe has to bring you a match to how you feel.

When you get something you don't want, you enter a manifestation event designed to adjust your attitude. At this point you have two choices. You can either realize what just happened and adjust your attitude, or you can hold onto your attitude and argue against the event by calling it bad or wrong. Imagine a child who isn't getting her way. She can cry and scream, but that won't help. She can realize she's going about it is a way that's just not working and she can adjust her attitude and try a new tactic. Maybe an attitude of sweetness and loving might get her what she wants.

You can have an attitude that you should get what you want because you want it, but this usually doesn't work. You can also have the attitude that you will get what you want if you can find a way to align with it. If you do the work, you will receive that which is a match to the work you've done. If you just keep trying the same approach without doing the work, you're going to keep receiving the same old things and repeating the same manifestation events.

If you want a mate who matches how you feel about yourself, look around and see what you've been getting. If that is less than you want, then you need to adjust something so that you can receive a better experience. You must have different feelings. If you felt more worthy, you would attract something better. If you felt more confident, you would attract someone better. If you could get to the point where you felt confident, worthy, intelligent, funny, loving, beautiful, engaging, interesting, etc., you would attract the most unbelievable manifestation that would perfectly match how you feel. That's all there is to it. That's how the game is played. That's the basic design of the universe. That's your work from this point forward.

With our love,
We are Joshua