Emma Question #36


Hi Joshua,

I have a situation unfolding at the moment where a guy I am kind of interested in is sending me daily snapchats back and forth. Not direct messages to me but general life snapchats. A part of me is saying Emma, this is ridiculous, why are you excited by a guy who can't even be bothered to send you a proper message. But then the other part of me thinks I should just go along with this and sees how it plays out. I guess I am attaching to specific outcomes again and wanting to change someone's else's behavior rather than accepting things the way they are. Thoughts?


Dear Emma,

Let's talk about the mechanism of physical reality. As you know, you emit a vibration and the universe responds to it in order to bring you a match to that vibration. How would you describe your vibration? It is a mix of desires, fears, beliefs, feelings and thoughts. What is it you desire? A relationship with a guy who pleases you. Why? Because you think it will be fun and nice to share your life with someone you love. Can you identify your resistance to your desire? Certainly you can. You want him to be a certain type of guy, living in a certain area, with certain qualities, and he must be this and this and this. You have some definite requirements for the type of guy you want and that is perfectly okay. You can be as choosey as you want and the universe will respond to your preferences. All you have to do is let go.

The universe knows exactly what you want. Your inner self knows exactly what you want. Your inner self sees how it will unfold, but you cannot because your perspective is limited. So when the universe is in the process of creating the reality that will please you, you can't see how it will all come together, so you argue against what you are seeing in the moment and how it is all unfolding. Not only do you want the guy to be different than he is, you want your desire to unfold differently than it is unfolding and this creates resistance.

We say "Go with the flow." Whatever is happening is right. How it is unfolding is how it must unfold. Do you think you know better than the universe? That's unlikely. Now simply relax in the knowledge that it's all working out for you. Release your attachment to any specific outcome and simply focus on the best parts of the experience. Use your imagination if you like because it's fun, but don't try to adjust the conditions because you think you know how it should unfold. That approach to life creates chaos and disorganization. Your uninspired actions create a disturbance in the force. You disrupt the natural and elegant unfolding of your desires. When action is taken out of fear, you create your reality from a fear-based position and you delay whatever it is you want.

Just imagine that everything is happening perfectly. When you are inspired to take some action from a positive emotional state of being, just take it and push through the little fears and insecurities. When you feel the urge to do something, look at how you are feeling. Are you feeling some fear that what you want will not work out? If so, do not give into the urge. The urge is a result of fear and is not in harmony with what you want. Any action taken from this stance will create more resistance and disharmony.

The universe's knows what you want so relax, you're in good hands. Your inner self knows exactly what you want, so have a little faith that your desire will manifest as soon as you are ready. When you worry about the timing, you do so out of fear. The fear attracts thoughts that resonate with that lower vibration. Learn to distinguish fearful thoughts from empowering thoughts.

When you fear that the guy is not messaging you directly, you receive thoughts that are not aligned with your desire and this is resistance. See if you can replace these fearful thoughts with empowering and loving thoughts. This is the process of conscious creation. This is all you ever have to do to live a successful life. Just consider your state of being and then recognize that your thoughts are attracted by how and what you are feeling. Return to feeling good and just enjoy the ride that you're on without asking to be placed on a different ride.

With so much love and appreciation for you,
We are Joshua