Emma Question #35


Hi Joshua,

I have oracle cards that I use sometimes. But I have always wondered, it is really getting guidance from the universe or is it just pulling cards that reflect our own current beliefs & vibration on the question asked?


Dear Emma,

When you are feeling good and you receive the inspiration to pick a card, read a horoscope, or anything else, it is always for your highest good. Your vibration contains the essence of everything you want and everything you need to become the version of you who is a vibrational match to what you want.

You birth a desire and that desire (along with your fears, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, etc.) is transmitted by your vibration. The universe responds to this transmission. The universe will transform you into the version of you who is ready to receive your desire. You are not currently a match to your desire, so you must undergo a transformation. There's nothing for you to do other than to create a good-feeling environment and take action when inspired. When you are inspired to pick a card, that card is part of your transformation. When you were inspired to enter this conversation with us, the One on One program became part of your transformation. When you are inspired to do something at work, and you do it, the result of that action, whatever it is, is part of your transformation. When you do not take inspired action because you fear the consequences of the action, you resist all that you want from coming to you.

You are inspired to pick an oracle card and then you read the card and perceive the meaning based on your unique perception of the world. What the card means to you is different than what another might perceive. Therefore, the card is for you. You can derive a belief-altering benefit from the card if you choose to. Look at the message and see how it applies to your current set of beliefs. Do not follow it too far down the road. Don't think about your desire, just think about your beliefs. Is it true? How is it true? Is it false? Why is it false? What makes you believe it or disbelieve it? This is not only true of the message contained in a card, but in every other message you receive. The beliefaltering messages will come from many sources, not just cards, horoscopes, numerology, or even us. Messages can come from anywhere. Don't pay attention to the messenger, pay attention to the message and find the truth contained within it.

You are loved.
We are love and so are you.
We are Joshua