Emma Question #34


Hi Joshua,

I always hear people saying that it is important to actually feel your emotions fully. To admit to yourself how you really feel and let it be ok that you feel that way. Something I came across tonight was someone saying that the emotions you resist, persist. That you need to feel them to fully get through them or the same ones will just keep manifesting. I feel like I have been resisting certain emotions, I feel bad and then I am like "nope that's not good," and try to think about something better. But then is feeling that emotion practicing it and bringing more of it to you; or is not feeling the emotion and trying to move straight to a better story causing the emotion to be suppressed within you and therefore keep manifesting? How does this fit in with your teachings?


Dear Emma,

What an excellent question! When it comes to emotion, we teach two methods for dealing with them: analysis and perspective.

First of all, an emotion is simply an indication. It is a message telling you that you either agree or disagree with your inner self on whatever subject you are thinking about or observing in the moment. If you feel a positive emotion like pride, you are agreeing with how your inner self sees the situation. If you feel anger about something, then you are disagreeing with how your inner self sees the same thing. The goal is to find a way to agree with your inner self. The reason you want to do this is because your inner self is focused on your desire. Your inner self knows who you need to be to become the vibrational match to whatever it is you want. To become that match, you must create a set of beliefs and a perspective that is in alignment with your inner self. Otherwise, your dream cannot materialize in your reality.

We teach that the way to deal with a negative emotion is to analyze the fear at the basis of a limiting belief. There are really only two emotions: love and fear. If you feel negative emotion, it is fear. If you feel positive emotion, it is love. So what is the fear that's causing the negative emotion? If you must really feel the emotion to define the fear, that is one way to do it. But do you really need to suffer any longer in the unpleasant-feeling emotion than necessary? We don't think so. We think you can go in, find the fear, figure out if it is rational or irrational, and then prove that the irrational fear is false. This diminishes the intensity of the limiting belief and each time you do this, you make the fear smaller and smaller. The limiting belief will never go away entirely. Once you've attracted something it is with you in some form eternally. This is an attractive universe. If it is something unwanted, like an irrational fear, all you can ever do is reduce its intensity.

Another way to deal with negative emotion is to adjust your perspective until you feel relief. Usually, you encounter negative emotion because you are just looking at the subject in a way that is limiting rather than empowering. If you can find the higher perspective in the moment, the negative emotion will fade. This is effectively the same as analyzing the limiting belief. If you can get really good at switching from the limited perspective to the higher perspective in the moment, your negative emotions will fade away very quickly and you'll be creating your reality from an empowering stance.

Without the knowledge of how this system works, it seems as if it is wise to fully feel your emotion. However, think about what you're doing when you taking the time to really feel negative emotion. You get yourself into the emotion and you receive thoughts that are a match to how you feel. If you feel bad, you receive bad-feeling thoughts and this tends to cause a downward-spiraling momentum. We say feel the positive emotion fully and get out of the negative emotion quickly. There is no real benefit of feeling negative emotion other than it can cause new desires to be born. But, you have done enough of that to create a lifetime of desires to fulfill. Just start demanding to feel good and allow all those wonderful desires to manifest.

With our Love,
We are Joshua