Emma Question #32


Hi Joshua,

I always feel really bad about killing spiders and other insects and try to avoid it as much as possible. But sometimes I have just get rid of them! It always makes me feel really guilty for killing a spider just because I'm scared of it. But I have been thinking, did the spider come into my awareness because it wanted to die? So I am therefore actually doing it a favour?


Dear Emma,

What you're looking for is an ethical answer to a common question. What does one do in situations like this? How is one to act in accordance with the laws of the universe? How do I conduct myself as a good human? How do I do good? We will explain an simple way to find your answer when any ethical situation arises. Just ask yourself how you feel.

In this case, you saw a spider and you wanted to kill it, but you felt guilty. Is this a good feeling or a bad feeling? Does it align with your inner self or not? If you feel guilt, you are essentially disagreeing with the way your inner self feels about this situation. Guilt is a negative emotion and therefore in this particular instance with regard to this specific spider, your inner self does not feel guilt. There is not a congruence between you and your inner self. Your inner self knows that the spider cannot come into vibrational range with you or any other killer unless it's ready to make its transition to nonphysical. Do you see how easy that is? Certainly, at this moment when the spider is ready to go, you are the path of least resistance.

Now, let's look at another scenario. Let's say you hate spiders and you want to kill all of them because they disgust you. You want to annihilate them off the face of the planet. Hate too is a negative emotion. Your inner self certainly does not hate spiders. Again you are at odds with how your inner self sees the situation. Your inner self loves spiders. When you are disgusted by spiders and feel hate, this is a negative emotion and you are looking at spiders from a limited perspective. Try to see spiders differently and you'll feel less hatred.

Your inner self knows how the universe works and what you truly want. It's okay to prefer a home free from spiders and your inner self would agree with that preference. This is an example of congruence. If you choose to hate spiders, well then your inner self knows what's going to happen via Law of Attraction. You'll see more spiders showing up in your reality. If you can leave the thought of spiders alone, allowing them to be as they are, not wishing them any ill will, knowing that there are those who love spiders, knowing that spiders have their place in the system of life on this planet, knowing that spiders are also beings of love, then you can live a life without a lot of spiders bothering you. That's what you really want. Focus on what it is you want, not what you don't want and you'll live happily ever after.

With an endless embrace in all our arms,
We are the universe's biggest spider, Joshua