Emma Question #31


Hi Joshua,

In your last answer you said we have two types of desires: that which we truly desire and that which we think we desire. I am now wondering - does our inner being focus on both of these types of desire for us and help us to manifest both? Or does it only focus on our true desires and we are left on our own to focus on and bring about desires we just think we want?


Dear Emma,

You can have, be, and do anything you want in this reality. You are given free will. That means you are the only one who can choose what you want to manifest. Whatever you choose, your inner self will maintain pure focus on that desire and guide you there every step of the way.

There is no judgment in the nonphysical. The physical plane is one of expansion and no judgment is ever placed on how or if you expand. It is all up to you. You could have a desire to build an orphanage and your inner self would support that desire. You could birth a desire to become the leader of your country and your inner self would support that desire. You could create a desire to defraud senior citizens and your inner self would be fully committed to the manifestation of that desire as well. There is no good or bad, right or wrong, it is all simply a method and process of expansion. As long as you are expanding, you are doing what you came here to do and your inner self fully supports you.

When left up to the universe however, your true desires will manifest. It's only when you get yourself over-involved do you try to make things happen according to what you think you want. If you were to become an allower and believe that everything that was manifesting in your life was happening so that you could receive that which you truly wanted, you would receive all that you truly wanted.

The terrorist believes that by setting up explosives and attacking random people that he is doing something good. He may even feel good for his participation in this makebelieve struggle. However, he is never receiving what he truly wants, which is to express love, to experience freedom and abundance, and to expand in joy. He might receive that which he thinks he wants, but that is a false desire caused by action taken in fear. It is fear that usually creates false desires.

You might create a desire for a relationship out of fear. You might fear that others do not regard you highly and so you attract a mate who might make you look good. This is a desire created out of fear. You might desire a mate so that you can have a child before you get too old and this is a desire created out of fear. If you would just relax and be inspired to talk to the next person you meet, you might just meet the person who would fulfill your true desire, and that's the desire that you cannot fully articulate. Relaxing into the faith that the universe will sort it all out for you and that there is nothing you need to do other than act when inspired to act, creates the environment that will allow what you truly want to come to you. It is that simple.

With continued love,
We are Joshua