Emma Question #30


Hi Joshua,

Do people have to be somewhat consciously aware of a desire before they can manifest it? I have heard Abraham say that when we realise a desire, we actually received the desire, because we reached a vibrational level of being able to receive it. And that once we receive it, law of attraction has amassed everything in place to bring this desire to us.

I know our inner being is focusing on everything we actually want. For example, someone would have a dream job in their vibrational reality which their inner being is focusing on. But in their own physical reality, they may not be a vibrational match to even realising this dream job is what they want, and they might currently desire a job that is quite mediocre compared to what their inner being is focusing on, because they aren't in the vibrational place to dream bigger and realise they can have more. So would this person then only be able to manifest the mediocre job they consciously desire, not the one their inner being is focusing on?

The reason I am asking this is because I am trying to get my head around people blocking themselves from getting what they truly want. I should feel excited by knowing we can manifest anything we want in life, but I don't, because I think - yeah, but only if you can become a vibrational match to it and stop blocking yourself! A part of me is still scared I will not be able to get what I want in life, because I will somehow keep blocking it. And because I see other people not getting what they want. But now I am thinking, if you have to be consciously aware of a desire to manifest it, well then these other people are probably not letting themselves dream big. But I know more, and I have consciously become aware of much bigger desires and let myself believe they are possible. So maybe that means I am different, and I will be one of the people who will stop blocking themselves and manifest big things?


Dear Emma,

You can manifest what you think you want and what you truly want and you can resist what you think you want and what you truly want. There are two types of desire; that which you truly desire and that which you think you desire. For instance, you think you want to find someone who loves you, but you truly want someone to love. You can manifest either, both, or neither. Let's talk about this a bit more.

When you birth a desire, it is created. Ask and it is given, as Abraham would say. This means the moment any desire is born, it is created and all you have to do is come into alignment with it, vibrationally speaking. This is a very good thing because you would not want all of your desires to instantly physically manifest in your reality. You want time to figure out if something you think you want is something you truly want. If it is, you can allow it to manifest. If it is not, you can put up resistance and it will not manifest. Isn't this a very fine system?

The things and experiences you truly want never need to be verbally described by you. You don't even need to write them down because you could fill up a book in your detailed description and that would not begin to describe the fullness and complexity of your desire the way your vibration describes it. In fact, you can never think big enough to even remotely understand the fullness of your desire, but the universe knows exactly what you want and what needs to happen to bring you the most elegant physical manifestation of your desire. Therefore, all you need to do is get out of the way.

When you think you know what you want, how it will look, and how it will come, you make it more difficult for yourself to manifest anything. This is because in order to manifest what you want, you must recognize it when it comes. Not just when the final manifestation of it comes, but when each step in the manifestation process is presented to you. When you think you know what it looks like or how it will arrive, you look off into a direction that might be the opposite of where it is actually coming from. Instead, allow yourself to be open to all the possibilities.

You only block your manifestations when you have fear that it is not coming, fear that it is coming, or fear that it will come differently than you expect. You allow it to come when you release your fear. When no fear exists, you enter the state of allowing. You cannot manifest anything that you truly want with your own two hands by stumbling along yourself without guidance or assistance from the universe. You don't ever make things happen. All you do is get yourself into the state of allowing and receive that which you have asked for. This reality is like Christmas. You tell Santa what you want and then you suspend your beliefs to the contrary and you expect him to deliver your presents. You open your packages and you receive your gifts. You may not know that what you are receiving is the gift you thought you wanted, but it will always be the gift you truly want. And that is how you manifest all that you want.

Let's look at an example. You might want a new job. Is this a true desire or is it a false desire? It depends on why you want the new job. If you are interested in some aspect of life and you want a new job so you can spend much of your time exploring it, and getting paid to explore it, then this is a true desire. It has something to do with an interest, a passion, an idea, or it's just a lot of fun. In order to manifest this, all you have to do is be open to the infinite possibilities that will inevitably lead to the manifestation of the perfect job. If you think you know how or when it will come or what it will look like, you simply restrict the universe's ability to bring you what you truly want. So you suspend your belief, you open yourself up to unlimited possibilities, and you have faith that it will arrive when you are ready and not a moment before. When it does arrive, you will know you are ready, despite your fears.

However, if you want a new job so that you can escape the unwanted conditions of your current job, you will receive a new job, but nothing will change. That's because the person who created the unwanted conditions in the current job will be going with you to the new job. You must change yourself so that you can receive the job you truly want. You must come to appreciate the current job and then decide what you're interested in, what you're passionate about, or how you want to feel and then allow your reality to take a new shape in the existing job. Once your reality has shifted in the existing job, you might find everything you need there or a new job or promotion will be offered to you. You cannot escape that which you do not like. Transform yourself first and then allow your outer reality to shift to meet the new demands of your altered vibration.

You can choose the thoughts you think. You are learning to control those thoughts through the practice of meditation. You are learning how the universe works and we are teaching you a new approach to life. With your ability to control the types of thoughts you think and the quality of those thoughts combined with an open belief system and a faith in universal laws and forces, we have no doubt that you will become an allower and allow the universe to bring you anything you truly desire.

We are Joshua