Emma Question #29


Hi Joshua,

I've got more of a positive story from today (compared to my last question) that I want to share with you! Today while I was working, I was thinking about how I have not been sent on any technical training and that I should tell my boss that this makes me feel disappointed and unsupported. But then I caught myself and asked: "is this what you want? What you want to manifest more of? Feeling disappointed and unsupported? No. Well let's stop telling this story and focus on how you actually want to feel."

So I practised visualising a situation where I feel happy and supported at work and feel like there are lots of opportunities for me. I didn't really keep this focus going for long at all to be honest. But later on in the afternoon, I was able to solve a problem for my boss. He was freaking out, and me solving the issue gave him great relief. He then said thank you, you are definitely my favourite person right now! This made me feel really good! I love solving things! And then I thought, wow, this could be a manifestation showing I made a slight shift with my focus earlier, and it could be a sign that I am heading in the right direction towards feeling happy and supported at work!


Dear Emma,

You didn't make a slight shift, you made a major shift. We could also say that you made a break-through! This is something that very few people ever do. You should be very impressed with yourself because we certainly are. Excellent!

Yes, it seems so simple. Just think about what you want rather than what you do not want. Yes, feel empowered and move in the direction of what is wanted rather than feeling sorry for yourself and then attracting more of what you definitely do not want. It seems simple, but maybe it's a bit counter-intuitive.

Shouldn't you complain about what is wrong so that you can fix the problem? That seems logical, but it is not. It's the focus of attention that brings energy to the subject. It is not the words. Well, it is the words, but not like you understand them.

You can use the word not or no and other humans will understand what you mean. They are negative words. However, there's one big problem. There is no negative anywhere in the universe. There really isn't anything positive either. As far as the universe is concerned, it's neutral. It just is. However, there's this law called The Law of Attraction. It is the supreme law of the universe and it is what keeps the whole thing humming along. Without the Law of Attraction, nothing would work. And we mean nothing.

So how does this law work? This law states that like attracts like. It does not state that dislike repels that which is disliked. This is a big difference. When you like something, you attract more of that. When you dislike something and try to push it away, you attract more of that. It's not the like or dislike (positive or negative), it's the focus of attention. If you think something is good, you attract more of it because you place some energy on the subject by your focus of attention. When you think something is bad, but you ignore, you are not giving it very much energy. However, if you think something is bad or wrong and you try to get rid of it or annihilate it, you give it more focus and it is attracted into your reality.

Knowing this, what's the best strategy for living a life you prefer? Do not focus on anything that is wrong, simply shift your focus on what is wanted.

Just a little attention to how you want to feel brings incredible physical manifestations. You've just proved this to yourself. It's actually quite easy. Think of the feeling you want and imagine that feeling for just a little while. Don't worry about the how or when, just think about the feeling and why you want that feeling.

When you can recognize the negative and ease your focus away from that and shift it toward what is wanted, then you've just unlocked the key to manifesting the life you prefer.

With our love and applause,
We are Joshua