Emma Question #28


Hi Joshua,

I had something happen today that caused a big emotional response within me! A lady at work stopped to have a chat to me while I was listening to a podcast, and she asked which one I was listening to. Since I was put on the spot and couldn't think of any other podcast to lie about, I blurted out the truth and said I was listening to the Teachings of Joshua. She then presumed that it was something biblical and thought I was religious! So I was very embarrassed about that and said: no, no, its not like that, I hate religion!

Then I thought FUCK, why did I tell her what I was listening to? She might go and look it up and discover I am a part of it and think I am really weird! She told me about a podcast she was listening to (about health) and then asked if I had any podcasts to recommend to her. I told her about a different podcast I really like, which is on a similar topic of spirituality, self-love, loa etc. Then after that I thought, omg, what if she isn't into that sort of stuff and thinks I'm even more of a weirdo than she already does! I was freaking out after this interaction feeling strong embarrassment and mortification. So then I was like, wow, if I am feeling such strong emotion about this silly little thing, there must be a strong limiting belief for me to clear here!

So now I am working on identifying limiting beliefs around this. Obviously I am trying to control how someone perceives me again. This time it is about not wanting to be perceived as weird. I like all of this stuff I am learning and think it makes sense and that it's smart, but I presume other people would not get it and think it's dumb, and therefore think I am dumb and weird for believing this stuff. I think this is so strong for me because I pride myself in being "normal" and I work in an industry surrounded my smart people, scientists and engineers, and I don't want to discredit myself in front of these people. Can you help me to stop seeing this stuff as weird?


Dear Emma,

No we can't. We think it's weird too. Can you imagine what all these smart people would think if they knew you weren't just interested in the mechanism of physical reality and the laws of the universe, but you were holding an ongoing conversation with nonphysical entities named Joshua as channeled by some guy named Gary? Now that would be embarrassing!

Yes, everyone feels the same way you do. Most people want to fit in and be considered normal. It is outside the boundaries of your society to be judged as abnormal. In the past, the abnormal ones were cast out of the tribe. In the past the fear of exile was a rational fear. Today, however, being seen as abnormal might receive a few comments, but there's nothing really to fear. This fear would now be considered irrational. All irrational fears are false. Let's just start with that fact. If you have a fear and the result of the fear could not kill you or do you bodily harm, then the fear is irrational.

You're a smart cookie. You know better than to be fooled by irrational fear. If you feel fear and the fear is irrational, you've uncovered a limiting belief and now it's time to analyze the hell out of that belief and the fear that lies at the base of it.

What do you truly want? You want to be surrounded by conscious creators who understand the laws of the universe and who are able to apply those laws to consciously and deliberately create the life they prefer. From this point of attraction, you attracted someone who asks you what you're listening to. You attracted her to you. This is how the universe works. Now, you have no idea why you attracted this woman, you simply know that she came to you because she is a match to your vibration.

Is she a like-minded believer in Law of Attraction? Has she listened to The Secret? Does she know about Abraham? Does she want more information so that she might change her approach to life? Who knows? Maybe she simply came so that you may be thrown into a manifestation event and inspired to ask this very important question. It doesn't matter why she came to you, it only matters that she came and that you recognize that you attracted her. She came for you.

Always think about what you really want, not what you think you want. You think you want people to consider you to be normal, but that is not what you really want. What you really want is to connect with people on a deep level and to love and accept them for who they are. Since you have difficulty accepting yourself for who you are, you are having difficulty accepting others for who they are. If you were to live exactly as the authentic version of you, you would attract people who are perfectly aligned with you. There would be no reason to fear anything because you would only be attracting good stuff. That's the irony here. When you act as if you were normal, you are being inauthentic and you attract people who will uncover this lie.

You are not normal because there is no normal. There are no two people on earth who are similar, let alone identical. Everyone is unique and therefore everyone is abnormal. Normal does not exist anywhere in the universe, so stop trying to be something you are not and can never be. Just be you.

Yes, you listen to Joshua. Yes, you believe there is more to physical reality than what meets the physical senses. Yes, you are endeavoring to live life consciously. What's smarter than that? What's more scientific than that? Some might call you weird, but people always thought the great minds were weird. You can be okay with that. You are weird. We are all weird. It's good to be weird.

Start believing that the authentic version of Emma is brilliant and perfect. There is no need to hide. You cannot be embarrassed. It's simply your ego trying to protect your false persona. Think about what you truly want and then react accordingly.

With love for who you really are and who you are being,